Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Key, Revised.

  1. Addy - Jayme's best friend who lives in Austin and is NOT 21.
  2. The Albanian - Bartender/manager at my bar who I made out with once when we were drunk.
  3. Alli - Real smartass bartender at work, about 30 years old, we've just started to become friends.
  4. Alyssa - One of my best friends, also cocktails at my bar.
  5. Amanda - One of my newest good friends who I met through Melissa and is a school teacher.
  6. Amy - My cousin, Jenna's older sister, who I never got along with when we were kids, cuz she's such a huge bully.
  7. Andrew - Old friend from HS that I recently started catching up with. Friends with Hot Dereck.
  8. Aunt Jessica - My moms sister, who wants to set me up with her daughter Noelle's riding instructor, The Frenchman.
  9. Austin - The last guy I actually dated. Was super sweet at first until he turned into a total douche bag. Brought me to a wedding and then ditched me for another girl.
  10. Bethany - My favorite bartender at work, super cool, and a good friend who I've been going out with a lot lately.
  11. Billy - Guy from the bar next door whom I briefly dated. Met on the bus at the employee trip. Was very sweet at first, but doesn't play well with others when drunk, and gets very dramatic. He recently moved back to Arizona.
  12. Blinn - Owner/manager of my bar, super cool dude, and crazy when drunk. We made out once after a long night of poker and drinking, and haven't spoken about it since!
  13. Brent - Sophie's new hubby, and my new brother!! He's a very talented musician, he's in a band, and he is an awesome singer.
  14. Cecilia - One of my best friends. I was the MOH in her wedding and she just had a baby about 4 months ago!
  15. Charlotte - Another girl I met through Melissa who has a really badass job and gets to travel a lot.
  16. Dee - Melissa's little sis.
  17. DJ - The DJ at my work who's pretty much ALWAYS there, whether he's working or not.
  18. Dr. New York - Shane's dude in NY, who actually lives in Jersey, but he let us stay on his yacht while we were in NYC.
  19. Dustin - Used to be a door guy at work, but I think he quit, or got sent somewhere in the marines cuz I haven't seen him in months.
  20. Emma - We were best friends all through school, but have drifted apart in recent years.
  21. Eric The Skeaze - Guy I met out one night, who I still frequently run into. We've made out a few times, but he's obviously, a skeaze.
  22. Evan - Super good friend from high school who I went to NY with, and we sorta hooked up once when we were drunk.
  23. Frank - Bartender at work who I was thinking about moving in with, but decided not to when I was thinking about moving to Austin.
  24. The Frenchman - my cousin Noelle's horseback riding teacher, who lives in Lafayette, and is super sexy! My aunt is trying to fix me up with him.
  25. Gavin - Door guy at work who is super hot and I've always had a crush on.
  26. Gill - Former door guy at work. We played poker at his house once. He still hangs out at our bar a lot.
  27. Hot Dereck - Guy I used to have a big crush on. We met at his bar, and he works in midtown, but he's bad news.
  28. Izzie - One of my best friends since HS. Married and lives in Austin.
  29. Jake - The hot new door guy at work, who is now talking to Melissa.
  30. Jayme - Waitress/bartender at work who goes out with us every once in a while. She works at the shot bar now. Kinda crazy, but tons of fun!
  31. Jenna - My cousin and also one of my best friends! Amy's little sister. Moved here from Austin about a year and a half ago, and we hang out quite often.
  32. John - Door guy at work who I met at the employee outing. Kind of quiet, but very sweet and very smart. And when he drinks, he drinks! I'm still trying to figure him out...
  33. Johnny - Acoustic guitar player at work on the weekends. He usually hangs out when we play poker.
  34. Josh - Cute bartender in Austin that I had a fling with.
  35. Kristin - Former waitress at work who The Model gave his number to.
  36. Mackenzie - Another new friend I met through Melissa. She's a Tito's vodka promoter, so I see her at work a lot.
  37. Mark - Bartender/former manager at work who is badass at dancing! Especially to Michael Jackson songs. He recently got a day job, so he just bartends on weekends now.
  38. May - Bartended with her at my last job and we used to be really great friends until she started dating Shady, her really sketch Asian mafia boyfriend. Then she pretty much changed personalities...
  39. Megan - Good friend from HS who recently got married and bartends day shifts at my bar.
  40. Melissa - My newest best friend. We went to HS together, but didn't become friends until we double dated with Mitchell and The Model.
  41. Misty - Bartender at work, and girlfriend of owner/general manager, Mr. S.
  42. Mitchell - The Model's cousin who briefly dated Melissa. Lives in Atlanta.
  43. The Model - THE HOTTEST GUY EVER. Met in HS while working together at the mall. We've hooked up a few times, but he continues to screw me over and I continue to pine after him...((sigh))
  44. Mr. P. - Original owner of my bar, the brains behind the business! Very sexy and very intimidating guy, but super cool once you get to know him.
  45. Mr. S. - General manager of my bar. Super cool to hang out with after hours, has been dating bartender, Misty for about 5 years.
  46. Nick - Bartender at work. Big antagonist, but overall a cool, funny guy, and we're pretty good friends.
  47. Noelle - My cousin, Aunt Jessica's daughter, who lives in Lousiana and likes horses just like I do.
  48. Paul - My cousin who recently got out of rehab for cocain addiction. Recently been spotted in midtown partying.
  49. The Psycho - My last serious relationship. Crazy, abusive, controlling, the reason I don't trust men.
  50. Rikki - Best friend from HS. Married and lives in Seattle.
  51. Rob - Cecilia's husband.
  52. Shady - May's asshole of a boyfriend. I bet he has a lot of skeletons in his closet. REAL ones!
  53. Shane - Good friend I met through Izzie, Megan and Rikki. Lives in Austin, currently single and so much fun to go out with! I usually crash with her when I go to Austin. However, we have the same taste in guys in she tends to think everything is a competition.
  55. Taylor - Brent's younger brother, who is about my age, and also a bartender. We have a lot in common and he's hilarious!
  56. Tina - New bartender at my job who I worked with previously and don't really like.
  57. Todd - One of my best guy friends. Known eachother since 2nd grade. If he didn't always have a girlfriend, I would totally date him because he is literally the perfect man. It just took me too long to figure that out... And he is going to play football for the NFL. Seriously. He's being scouted.
  58. Tommy - The guy with classic good looks that Shane and I met while out one night in Austin. We both thought he was hot, and that's when things with Shane and I started to get awkward...
  59. Tugg - Bethany's live-in boyfriend, who works for the owners of my bar, at the new shot bar. He's pretty funny.
  60. Valerie - Waitress/bartender at work. She used to be a huge bitch to me, but now we get along, and I guess you could say we're friends.
  61. Vette Guy - TROUBLE. The douche bag I dated for a while who drove a Corvette (until he totaled it), thought he was God's gift to women, and had the mentality of a 17 year old. We haven't had contact in months. Not since I called him out on his jerking me around and he got pissed and said he was never gonna call me again. Lol.

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wow... that's a lot of characters. i don't know if i can remember it all. but thanks again anyway. lol!