Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Omg I am so exhausted! Melissa and I were at the Foo Fighters concert, in the front row on the floor, getting shoved, rammed, bumped, and banged by thousands of people!! Sweaty people, I might add. But it was soooooooo awesome! I freakin' love that band. And Jimmy Eat World, who also happens to be one of my favs, was the opener! So it was just an all together amazing show.

The rest of my day was interesting...
Friend Boy called me!!! I was so ecstatic when I saw that he was calling, I started jumping up and down. And then I had to run to go turn my music down, and I think I almost didn't pick up in time! Good thing I did though...
Anyways, he was in between classes or something, and he had taken the metrorail to some part of Houston. And he said he was calling me because he thought the area was very picturesque, and that I would have a great time photographing it, because he remembered I was a photographer and it made him think of me. :) :) Yay! Then we chatted for a bit. He asked what I've been doing with my week off, and since it's really been only 1 day, I told him not much. Which is pretty much the case. Then he said,
"Well, do you wanna maybe get together sometime this week? I mean, does that sound like something you'd be interested in?"
"Yea, definitely! I mean...I don't really have anything planned so far."
And he said he would give me a call "later in the week", whatever that means. But then I mentioned that Melissa and I were gonna be at the concert tonight and you know, since we would be in his neck of the woods, maybe we could meet up afterwards. And he said sure, he didn't have anything going on. So I told him we'd probably get out around 11 and I'd call him.
Well, 10:45 rolls around, and I was still at the show! So I texted him and told him I thought we'd be there a while longer, and he responded with:
Ok. Have fun. Let me know when ya'll go out.
And I assumed he meant tonight. But we didn't get out of the show till around 12, and when I called he didn't answer. Melissa said he was probably already asleep since he has class. And then I started thinking maybe he didn't mean tonight! Maybe he meant like...when we go out out, like...on Thursday or Friday or something. I dunno...I'm so confused. But now I have to wait for him to call again, since it's his turn. Grrr..
But at least he called!! It really made my day. I don't know how it's possible for me to like someone so much upon first meeting them. Do I always do that?? G's I hope not... Perhaps it's just infatuation, coupled with all the wonderful things I keep hearing about him from other people. We'll see.

One thing that kind of took my day down a couple notches was Andrew. Yea, 21 year old Andrew, who says he likes me and all this crap, and now he has a myspace picture up of him kissing some chick. WTF?? What kind of message is he trying to send me?? I dunno why, but I'm jealous!! I mean, I can't define my feelings as anything else, so it must be jealousy. And I don't know why I even care, now that Friend Boy is in the picture. But it's more than just me being jealous, it's me being pissed at him for acting just like every other guy, and pissed at myself for thinking he was different. How so insanely cliche of him. Ugh. And since we are (were??) pretty good friends, I have half a mind to say something to him about it, even though I know I shouldn't. I did text him though, just to see if he would respond. I made sure it was a very vague message. All it said was: So what's the deal
No question mark either. Just that. He never answered. What a fucking douche.
WHY are guys such douche bags?? I mean what to they have to gain by acting like that. It's disgusting. Well, I'm pretty tired and beat up from that concert, so I'm gonna hit the sack. Let me know what you guys think!

Oh, and by the way, this Demetri Of The Day is fucking HILARIOUS. Like, I seriously laughed out loud at this one. For a while.

Demetri Of The Day:
“If someone asks ‘Are you ticklish’, it doesn’t matter what you say, they are going to tickle you. If you don’t want to be tickled, you gotta say something like, ‘I have diarrhea. Now don’t touch me, or your gonna make it come out…and yes, I’m very ticklish.’”


Anonymous said...

anywyas. very exciting about FB!! i guess you will have to wait for him to call, but its sounds very positive so far... As for andrew... i posted earlier in a comment that you should go for him, but im changing my mind now. Anyone who posts a pic of them making out with someone who has not been their sig. other for a while doesnt deserve ANYBODY's times. sooo drop him. he sounds nice for the most part, but if he's willing to portray himslef like that, not only to you, but everyone else on myspace, he's not going to be in a relationship for a while...
anywyas this is a longer answer then i meant it to be...
p.s. the quote was great!

jehara said...

you're right. it's fucking hilarious. i burst out laughing as i read it. too funny.
yay for friend boy calling!

(my boy called too. :)

forget about andrew. sounds like friend boy has some potential.