Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl Sunday

Things with FB had been going so well. Our date went great, we hung out all day Friday, and made plans for Superbowl Sunday. He said he wanted to take me to a museum. And we'd also planned on going to the same Superbowl party. But then, Sunday rolls around, and I don't hear a thing from him. Not to mention he didn't call me at all on Saturday either, although he did text. But a text does not constitute a phone call. Well, I waited and waited Sunday, because I didn't know how I was gonna make plans, and then finally, at like 5, he calls...to cancel. He said he was tired, and burned out, and wanted to stay home and rest because his first day of work was Monday. Which would have been acceptable, except that 2 of his guy friends were over there playing Guitar Hero when I was on the phone with him. I was really upset about him bailing on me, since that pretty much ruined my plans for the whole day. And I'm sure he could tell I sounded not quite like myself on the phone. He told me to call him later. Which I did, because I decided, maybe he just needed a little convincing to come out with everyone. But he didn't answer. As usual. He seriously never answers my phone calls. I mean he pretty much calls me every day, but when he does, he never mentions my calls or texts, so it's like...I never called or texted! And I dunno what to make of that.
So today, I was just really pissed, and hurt, and doubtful. I mean, I hope this doesn't have anything do to with fucking Valentine's Day. I seriously hate Valentine's Day. It's just relationship jeopardy. Ugh. So I went and met up with Bethany at my work. A bunch of people were hanging out there for the Superbowl. Including Jake, the (not so new anymore) door guy who I happen to think is smokin' hot. And so, I started talking to him, and flirting, obviously. And he was actually having a real conversation with me. About like...what he's looking for in a girl and stuff, and how he actually wants to have a girlfriend. Blabla... And the funny thing was, everything he was describing was pretty much...well me! And I'm not being conceited! But he said he wants a challenge, not a pushover. Not someone who will be all about him and just do whatever he says, but someone who will talk back. Someone who's fun and not afraid to speak her mind. Etc etc... So I'm not really sure why he was telling me this, but then Bethany walked up and he was like, "I can't talk to you about this in front of her." And when I asked why, he just said, "I dunno...because I just...trust you."
How weird is that??
He ended up inviting me to hang out with him and his friend afterwards, and I got his number. But then he just went home, so we didn't hang out. And now I'm just really depressed about FB because I really like him and I don't want things between he and I to be over before they've even really started. I just don't know what to think. And I can't deal with him blowing me off and not answering my phone calls, but I dunno how to tell him that. So...I'm pretty much screwed. And I refuse to call him. Even if he calls me, I'm not gonna answer till like the second or third time he calls, because this is bullshit. I don't think I deserve this. ((sigh))
Why do guys have to make the simplest things so complicated?
I like you. You like me. What's so hard about that??? Maybe I should leave a note in his locker...

P.S. I can't believe the Patriots lost. Gay...

Demetri Of The Day:
"The digital camera is a great invention because it allows us to reminisce. Instantly. Puh chuck; 'Look at us! We were so young. Standing right there. Wow, where does the minute go?'"


Anonymous said...

hi hi!
sorry about FB canceling, that really blows. but i agree with you and really dont call him first! he kinda needs a dose of his not-picking-up-the-phone medicine. i wonder what's up with him? he seems like a super great guy, but the fact that he's randomly distant...well it seems sketchy. is he having trust issues because of his last girlfriend? i think you two should be more open about what you want in this relationship, yes you like him he likes you, buuut it seems like someone likes the other MORE.

good luck!

Jadeny said...

I think you totally need to give him a taste of his own medicine!!

oh and gooo giants lol.

Anonymous said...

What cqn I say? You should not have slept with him so soon kiddo. I don't know what you were thinking there.

Anonymous said...

That was pretty condescending, Anon 9:17. If she liked him and he liked her, sleeping together after a short while isn't necessarily a bad thing.

Peyton, he sounds kind of flighty. I dated someone like that a while back and eventually stopped returning his calls when he wanted to call all the shots about when we could hang out, etc. Sometimes, you just gotta cut your losses and move on.

heather said...

sad.... i hope FB realizes what he is going to lose if he doesnt wake up (or pick up... hehe).
i agree about the patriots! i cant believe they lost.... sad

Anonymous said...

There is too much drama in the whole FB. You need someone that doesn't come with this drama.

Anonymous said...

I did not mean to be condescending. All I am saying is that men (the pigs they are most of the time) only want what they can not have. If they get what they want too soon, or too easily they will lose interest. It is the thrill of the chase in the beginning of a relationship. I don't think it's fair that men can sleep around and society thinks its ok, but a girl can't. But I do think Peyton gave it up too soon with FB. She should be able to do whatever, whenever but if what she is seeking is a relationship unfortunately it is the exception, not the rule that relationships come out of flings or one night stands.

Be a good steward of your life girls. Don't sleep around.

(I say this as someone that has slept with over a dozen men. I didn't fall in love with and marry one of the casual flings, I married the one that I took a little more time with.)

Anonymous said...

please don't use the word 'gay' as an insult that the patriots lost... although it really does suck! :(

Anonymous said...

When I was younger, I slept around. Not only because I thought it was fun, but because I thought that's what it would take for the boy to be my boyfriend. I was young and stupid. Finally I got smart and the last guy I've been with, I waited about 3 months to sleep with him. It's been 6 years later and we are now engaged and couldn't be more in love.
I know other girls have slept with the guy fairly quickly and it also ended good, but I just wanted to add my story in.