Thursday, February 21, 2008

Once Upon A Time...

The rain was coming down in sheets when the couple left the party. They exchanged looks before running out into the night. They splashed through deep puddles, laughing and holding hands. It must have been almost 3 am. The parking lot overlooked the bay. The waters were turbulent, and sailboats rocked back and forth violently on the bay.
By the time they got to her car, they were both soaked. Her hair hung in damp tendrils around her face, sending icy streams of water running down her back and shoulders. She looked up at him through dripping eyelashes. He was smiling, that familiar smile that made his blue eyes twinkle. He pulled her into him, wrapping his arms around her waist, his hands finding their place in the small of her back. She wove her fingers through his wet hair as their lips met. Their clothes clung heavily to them, like a second layer of skin. She could feel the energy pulsing between them; a current as strong as the lightning flashing overhead.
However, nothing existed beyond the 2 lovers, wrapped in eachother's arms, enjoying true love's kiss. The thunder boomed loudly, and the wind howled. The rain was coming down so heavily it was as if they were standing in the center of a very wet cloud.
The kiss felt like a second, and an eternity. Time almost seemed to stand still. How long had they been standing there? He had been holding something, but he absently let it fall to the ground now. As wet as they both were, what did it matter anyway? She pulled him even closer, kissing him more firmly, and passionately. His hands moved up to her neck, and then cradled her face gently and he softened his kiss. No words were needed. She pulled away slightly and looked up into the face of the man she loved. He looked back at her with a tenderness, yet a rapture. It was a look no one else had ever given her. A look that said anything and everything words could never say.
She took a deep breath, and smiled. This would be a kiss that she would never forget.

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WOW! Great stuff!