Friday, February 22, 2008

No More Fantasies

I recently decided to drop all notions about me and Jake The Door Guy. I'm the type of person that always gives people the benefit of the doubt. I look for the good in people. And while that may sound like a nice quality, it usually turns out to be more of a problem than anything. And in the case of Jake The Door Guy, I feel like this is one of those situations.
Nick and Jake have been kind of hanging out recently. And he knows about my little crush. And the other day while we were closing the bar together, we had a little conversation about him.
Nick: Hey, can I be completely honest with you about something, without you getting mad, or thinking that I'm trying to cock block you or something??
Me: Um...sure...?
Nick: If you're looking for a relationship, or anything serious, Jake isn't your guy. I mean if you just wanna goof off and mess around or whatever, then go for it. But seriously? He's just out to fuck.
Me: What?? How do you know that?
Nick: Because! I've spent a lot of time with him the past few days, and it's just the way he acts, the things he says... Actually, he's been tryin' pretty hard to get into Tina's pants.
Me: TINA!?! Ew! Why do all the guys like her!? I don't get it.
Nick: I dunno...cuz she's cute. But she's got lots of baggage. But guys seem to like crazy girls I guess?

Tina is the girl I used to work with at the last bar. And I really didn't want her to get a job with me, because frankly, I'm not a big fan of hers. And now apparently all the guys like her. (i.e. The Albanian, Jake The Door Guy, and a couple other bartenders) It drives me crazy! She just recently got divorced! And by recently, I mean...I don't even think the papers are finalized yet. And she's only 22! And I know for a fact that she and The Albanian are already sleeping together. ((huff!)) Anyways, so I decided, right then and there, to stop fantasizing about Jake and I, because I'm not going to delude myself.

Friend Boy keeps calling and texting me. He apparently can't seem to take a hint. I mean I feel kinda bad, but I have to cut the cord. Ya know? I'm not gonna lead him on. But it's really starting to get kind of annoying.

Last night, I had off work, so me, Melissa and Amanda went out. In the end it was just me and Melissa though, cuz Amanda went home early since she had work the next morning. We went into the shot bar, and of course Jake The Door Guy was there. I was cordial towards him, but disinterested. And I'm pretty sure he noticed. And it wasn't like I was doing it on purpose to get his attention either! I just...don't wanna bother getting to know someone if they're only going to disappoint me. If I wasn't interested in him romantically, then getting to know him wouldn't be a big deal. But I know me, and that's never going to happen. So we had a pretty low-key night, just hanging out and stuff. Then we went over to my bar, and ran into Frank, who pretty much attached himself to us, because he has a thing for Melissa. Well, all he did, all night, was talk shit about Nick! And it was really pissing me off, because Nick is a great guy, and a great friend to me. And Frank was making him sound like some dog, who just chases after girls for sex, etc. etc...which is totally not Nick! And when I would defend him, Frank would just say, "You don't know Nick as well as I do! I've known him for 2 years...blablabla..."
"Yea, but you and Nick aren't friends! There's a difference. I actually talk to Nick on the phone, and hang out with him and stuff. And he's not the way you say he is." I protested.
Ugh. I hate it when people bash others, just to make themselves look better. And that's exactly what Frank was doing to try to impress Melissa. He's so transparent...

Anyways, when Melissa and I got back to my car to go home for the night, there was a piece of pizza smeared all over the windshield of my brand new, freshly washed car!!! And I was parked over in the shot bar's parking lot, right next to The Albanian.
"It was Jake!" Melissa exclaimed, "His truck used to be right behind you."
"What an ass!" I said.
"You shoulda put that pizza on his car. Too bad he's gone already," Melissa said, "send him a text."
So I did.
"Thanks for the pizza, I was hungry!" I wrote.
"You're welcome!" he wrote back. An admission?
"You're a douchebag! Putting pizza on peoples' cars..." I wrote.
He didn't respond.

But this morning, I woke up with 2 texts from him. The first one said. "I didn't put pizza on your car." And the second one said, "5:30 in the morning?!?"
I wrote back, "What happened at 5:30 in the morning?"
Jake: You texted me. Or I just got it at 5:30?
Me: You just got it at 5:30. I sent it at like 2:15.
Jake: Oh. What ev! Loser.
Me: I'm not a loser. YOU'RE a loser.
Jake: Nice one.
Me: Lol. I was just trying to level down a bit so you wouldn't feel too intimidated by my dazzling wit.
Jake: True dat.

I didn't respond, but 5 minutes later, he's calling me!

Me: Hello?
Jake: Hey what are you doing?
Me: Um...uploading the pictures from that party at Blinn's the other night. What's up?
Jake: I didn't put pizza on your car! When you sent me that message that said thanks for the pizza, I didn't know what you were talking about, I just said you're welcome.
Me: Haha, yea I thought that was an admission!
Jake: No, it really wasn't me.
Me: Well...I really wish I knew who it was! Cuz it was smeared all over my window, and not many people know I have a new car.
Jake: Well I'm sorry about that. You're lucky it didn't ruin your paint.

We chatted for a bit longer. The whole time I was trying to figure out why he was calling me. He couldn't just be calling to chat, could he? I totally don't get him! He told me he hates his job at the gym, and we talked about what jobs we want and stuff... Then finally his other line was beeping and he said he had to go.
"I'll see you tonight!" he said.
"Ok, bye." I said and hung up.


Demetri Of The Day:
“I like when good things happen to me, but I wait two weeks to tell anyone because I like to use the word ‘fortnight.’”


Kate said...

Correct me if I'm wrong... But Frank is warning you about Nick, and Nick is warning you Jake... I mean is it possible that Nick might be the one who wants to hook up with you and he just exaggerating about what a dog Jake is. Sometimes, when guys hang out, they tell each other lies about what they really want. Perhaps Jake was just trying to fit in by trying to act like "one of the guys" but he really does want to be in a committed relationship.

Anonymous said...

crazyyYYY! i didnt even think of that !!(the comment above).
that could definately be true...or maybe nick really is a nice guy who's just looking out for peyton. if she is able to stand up to frank about nick, then she should stand up to nick about jake. let her get her own opinion of him, instead of letting other people
influence the way she sees them. :)

Jadeny said...

I agree with Kate 100%. That was my impression of the situation as well. I also find it interesting that you didn't like when Frank was talking bad about Nick, but it didn't bother you when Nic was talking about Jake. I think you should give the guy a chance. You never know what could happen. Plus, if you don't sleep with him for a while, you'll be able to see what he really wants. Any guy just out to get laid won't stick around long enough for anything else.