Monday, February 25, 2008

Work Work Work!

Saturday night was horrible!

We were short a bartender, and of course, it was insanely busy. Not to mention, I'm getting sick again, and I've just been so exhausted. My back was aching the whole night, and I just didn't feel like I was up to doing my best.

Then FB shows up with his friends, and literally will not leave me alone. I mean I was working the waitress well, so it wasn't even really my job to be helping the customers. They had other bartenders for that. But he's ordering rounds of EIGHTEEN SHOTS from me!! Ugh. Then he told Amanda and Melissa that he was "taking me out on a date" tomorrow. Which was so not true. Thank God for Evan! He was there too, and I grabbed him and quickly engaged him in a conversation so FB would leave me alone. FB and his crew didn't leave till close.

I saw Jake The Door Guy on my way to work, and he hardly said 2 words to me. Then after work, he came over to hang out, and he was all, "Hey lover!" and gave me a hug! I think the guy might have multiple personalies.

At the end of the night, while we were cleaning, Frank shows up, completely pants-shitting drunk. I mean, it was ridiculous. And he was talking shit to me for no reason! First he told me, "Fuck you, you fat bitch. Shut your mouth." I almost laughed at that, because it was a rather hypocritical comment.

But then later, he slapped me in the face!!! YEA! I was entering credit card tips on the computer, and minding my own business, and he walks up and says, "Stop looking at me like that!"

"Like what?" I asked.

"The way you're looking at me!" He slurred.

"I can look at you however I want." I said. I was really not in the mood to deal with him after the crappy night I'd had.

"I'll slap you in the face." He threatened.

"No you won't." I said, not even looking at him, and continuing to do credit cards.

Then he slapped me!! And not lightly either. I turned around and slapped him 3 times harder.

"Don't fucking slap me!" I said to him. I was so pissed!

And he laughed.

Then he started talking to Ali, saying that I'm a horrible photographer, and that as much as I try, I'll never be good at it. Normally, I wouldn't have let any of this bother me, but I just got off my period, I'm tired, sick, sore, and at the end of my rope, so this was just the straw that broke the camels back, ya know? I wanted to cry, but I would never do that at work. So I threw down my bar towel, and went to the back bar, to get away from him.

Nick was back there cleaning. I told him I was mad and I needed him to come eat with me after work so I could cry on his shoulder. Lol.

So we went and ate late night Mexican food at some 24 hour joint, and exchanged stories. I told him about Frank, and FB, and he told me about his psycho ex calling and listening to his voicemails.

Oh, and I feel like I have to state for the record, Nick is an awesome guy. He's not out to get into anyone's pants, and he totally respects me. He knows I'm not romantically interested in him either, so he wouldn't try to "cock block" me with Jake. What he told me is what he honestly believes to be true. And I know I can trust him.

Moving on....

Friday night was Blinn's birthday. And I forgot to mention in my last post, he has tried to make out with me twice in the past 4 days! I mean, both times he was drunk, but still... I wouldn't let him kiss me though, because 1) I was sober and 2) I'm not going to end up like Valerie!

I had to take him home after work on Thursday night, because he was wasted and his brother had his car. So that was the first time he made a move. And then Friday, a buncha people went over to his place for his birthday after work, and he started kissing my neck in front of like 3 other people!!! Omg so embarrassing! But it's ok, cuz nobody knows about what happened between us before. Except Alyssa and Bethany. And I know they won't tell anyone. But it kinda makes me wonder if he's actually interested in me, or if he's just drunk. He's always telling me I smell good, and sniffing me. Literally!

Well, sorry this post hasn't been very...detailed, but like I said, I'm exhausted! And I'm really looking forward to getting in bed and reading a book!

Thanks for reading!

Demetri Of The Day:

"The straw is a great invention. You can drink without using your wrists. The straw is your friend until you lose eye contact with the straw. Then he will betray you and make you look like an idiot. I have to pull the straw aside and be like “What the hell do you think you’re doing? The last time I checked, you were right by my mouth. What are you doing on the other side of the glass? I don’t need you; you’re a luxury!

The ice is even worse. When there’s liquid in there, yeah it’s fine; it’s like a pool party. “Hey we’re keeping everything cool.” I’m talking about when I get to the bottom and it’s just me and the ice. I’m like, ok just one of you. Come on I just want something to chew on; come on. And the ice is like, “Hold…hold…everybody now!”"


Kate said...

That's too bad, I had high hopes that something would happen between you and Jake. Whats up with FB?? He doesnt handle rejection very well, I would watch out for him, he'll probably brag to his friends about how he broke up with you and you couldnt handle it. I hate guys like that!

Just me said...

OMG I wouldn't have bothered slapping him....I would've punched his ass regardless of being at work! But that's just me. I don't take too kindly to guys or girls laying thier hands on me! haha

Anonymous said...

He should not have slapped you. Removing him the bar and not allowing him to ever come back would have been a wise move by management.

Anonymous said...

tic toc, tic toc, tic toc...