Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Good Day

Taryn's birthday party was fun! I put on my sexy new dress, and my gold satin pumps, which matched perfectly, and headed out to the restaurant, feeling pretty damn good!
Brandon showed up shortly after I did, with Mr. S.'s brother, Anthony. I was surprised when he sat down next to me, instead of Anthony, since they're pretty much inseparable these days. Seriously, they play golf together like 3 days a week. Summer and Ben sat across from me at the table and we goofed off and talked for most of the dinner. Brandon was pretty quiet throughout dinner, but I assumed it was because he was sitting at the end of the table.
After we ate, we all headed over to my old bar, which is where most of the other people still work. Mr. S. gave us 2 free bottles, and we all made ourselves comfortable. After eating all that food, I wasn't really feeling up to drinking. I had a couple shots, and my stomach was already protesting. So I just took it easy. Bethany and Tug, Summer and Ben, and Ali all left early because they had work in the morning. So I hung out with Misty, and Sheila.
At one point, I noticed Brandon talking to some girl. It was obvious that they knew each other. She wasn't pretty or anything, and I could tell he wasn't into her, but she kept touching his hair, (which was in a ponytail because he really needs a haircut!) which I thought was a little weird. So I walked right past them and out the front door. I contemplated leaving, cuz I was kind of bored, and Brandon was ignoring me, but I ran into Gavin outside and stopped to chat with him. That was when Brandon walked outside. I could tell he was hurrying out to see if I'd left. But he practically stopped dead in his tracks when he saw me standing there with Gavin.
It was weird, because I didn't even think he'd noticed me leave, but apparently he was paying closer attention to me than I thought. Which is a dynamic that's different for us, but I think I like it. So I decided to stay, and went back inside.
When the bar closed, a smaller group of us went back to Mr. S.'s house. I left my car in the parking lot at the bar, and drove Anthony's car, with him and a few others in the back. Anthony was definitely too drunk to drive.
So we hung out at Mr. S.'s place for a while, and then I asked Brandon if he'd be able to drive me back to my car when he left. And he said sure. So, around 4:30, everyone left Mr. S.'s house. When Brandon and I got to my car I asked him what he was gonna do.
"I guess I'm just gonna go home."
"Wanna come over?" I asked. I couldn't resist.
He hesitated. "Ummm..."
"It's a simple question. You can say no." I said, smiling at his nervousness.
"Ok. I'll come over. " He said, nodding.
So he followed me back to my place. I let him stay in my bed this time, but nothing happened! We just laid there and talked for a really long time. I explained to him that I just wanted us to be really open and honest going into this, because I want him to be clear about what my expectations are. I don't want us to repeat our mistakes over and over again. And he agreed, and he said he's gonna try not to be so distant, and be more open with me about his feelings. Eventually we fell asleep. This afternoon, I woke up to Brandon's arm around me. :) It was such a wonderful feeling.
When we got up, we decided to go get breakfast/lunch/dinner, at our old spot, Chili's. Hehe. We stayed there for a long time too, talking. And I told him that even though I wanted us to take things slow, I expected him to actually court me, and that I didn't want us to just slip back into our old routine.
Then we talked about other stuff, our lives, jobs, etc. His dad is getting married this Saturday, and he's pretty nervous about seeing him since they have so many unresolved issues. He's also planning to move out of that house he's been living in. He's moving back in with his grandparents. Which, I do think is pretty lame, but I absolutely hate that roommate of his. He's a lazy asshole, and a bad influence, and anything is better than Brandon living with him. Plus, he said he's trying to save money, and he doesn't want to rent anymore. He wants to save up and buy his own place. So I can respect that.
After we ate, he actually opened the car door for me! I think it's cuz I made some comment earlier about chivalry being dead. ;)
I sent him a text after he left that said, "Thanks for taking me to breakfast/lunch/dinner!"
And he said, "No problem. It was fun and good to get some things out. Thanks for listening."
And I said, "Anytime."
I think, so far, things are going really well between us.
Even though, I'm not gonna lie, I wanted to kiss him sooooo badly this morning! But I resisted the urge. I don't wanna ruin a good thing.

Earlier, I was reading through some of my old blogs, and I realized that exactly a year ago today, Brandon and I met for the first time. :)
What are the chances?


Anonymous said...

Glad things are working out for the time being.

At the bar you said he was ignoring you talking to that other girl and then when you walked out there he was. Peyton, he is the type of guy when your around with people he will ignore but then when you leave, boom there he is. What is wrong with this picture?

And again you said his roomate was a bad influence. Take responsiblilty in knowing "he is the bad influence". No one made his sell drugs etc. This is the second time you tried to blame someone for something (remember Bethany and the cell phone idea). She didn't make you do it, you did.

My son years ago was doing bad things, and I kept saying that as well that he was hanging around bad people. Eventually I matured in my thinking and said "he is the bad influence". I took responsibility in knowing that and took action.

Wishing you all the best really and truly!!

Autumn said...

I'm really glad you stuck to your guns and didn't kiss him! Hopefully you guys can take things slow this time. Make sure he is really, really ready (like practically begging) to be with you and I think you will be okay!