Thursday, October 1, 2009

Guess Who's Coming To Town?

Wow, I can't believe it's already October! And it's also my first weekend night off since I started the new job. So I definitely have plans to hit the town tonight!
Last Sunday, me, Summer, Bethany, Tara (bartender from my new job) and the boys went out on the boat again. It was a blast as always. This Sunday will be our last trip out before Mark retires the boat for the season. :( Sad day... But I'm looking forward to it! I didn't get to wakeboard last week, cuz Ben fell and landed on my ankle while we were on the boat, and I ended up limping for 2 days after that. So obviously, there was no way I was gonna strap my foot into a wakeboard boot. But I'm looking forward to giving it my best shot this Sunday.
So here's some interesting news... Emma is moving back to Houston. This week. From Europe. On the one hand, I'm glad, cuz you know, I never get to see her, but on the other hand, it seems like she and I get along best when we don't live near each other. And she always gets pissy and pouty if I don't invite here everywhere with me, and frankly, it's really annoying. Not only that, but she expects me to let her stay with me until she finds a place to stay. And I am soooo not okay with that. I like living alone. And I don't really like the idea of someone intruding on my space. But she's kind of giving me a guilt trip about it. And it's not like she doesn't have a place to stay, she just doesn't wanna go to her step dads house, cuz they don't really get alone. ((Sigh)) So we'll see what happens.
Todd is coming home next weekend! I'm gonna try to get Friday off so we can go out. Jenna's gonna be in town too! So it should be a good night. Assuming, I can get off work.
Me, Summer, Tara and Bethany have been planning a trip to go to one of Todd's games in about a month. I'm really excited because he's gonna stay in town there for an extra day so we can all hang out. He even offered to pay for our hotel room! It's gonna be so much fun! We need to buy our plane tickets soon though!
Well, I've got a piano lesson in like 20 minutes, so I better go. I'll let you guys know if anything exciting happens tonight. And I really hope it does!!!

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