Friday, October 9, 2009

First Date...Again.

I have a date!
Brandon called me tonight around 10:30, he got sent home from work early cuz it was slow. We talked for a while. Then he asked me what I was doing this Sunday night. I said I had no idea.
"Well...do you wanna do something?" He asked.
"Something like what?"
I mentioned to him the other day that I wanted him to start planning things. Not necessarily expensive things, just things for us to actually go out and do!
"Ummm...I dunno. I'd have to think about that." He said.
"Well then you think of something, and when you do, I'll give you an answer." I said, coyly.
"Ok, how 'bout I cook for you? Annnnd we can get a movie out of a Redbox or something."
"Hmmm... Ok, well what are you gonna cook?" I asked, with a smile.
"What would you like me to cook?"
"Well, you can't go wrong with fish, cuz I love fish!"
"Fish, huh?"
"It's my favorite! So are you gonna cook at my place, or yours?"
"Well...I could cook at your place, if you'd like."
"Sounds perfect! I'll get the wine, and you make the dinner." I said.
"Ok then. Sounds like a...date!" He hesitated a little before saying "date", almost as if he wasn't sure I would go for it.
"Sounds like it!" I said, to reassure him.
Shortly after, I told him I needed to go practice piano, and I got off the phone with him.
But I'm excited about our date!
The only thing I'm wondering about is...is this gonna be like a First Date? Do First Date rules apply here? Would it be an appropriate time for me to kiss him? Because I wasn't really planning on doing that so soon, but get a little wine in me and who knows what I'll do! I mean, I definitely won't make the first move, but if he does, I'm gonna have to kiss him back! I mean, a little kissing can't hurt. Can it?


Anonymous said...

I dont think a little kissing will hurt!But definately wait for him to make the first move. And try to play like you couldnt care less if he did... But dont do anything past kissing on the "first date" !! Good luckkkkkkkk

Autumn said...

I think maybe a LITTLE kiss IF he makes the first move would be fine. But DEFINITELY DON"T sleep with him or anything other than a kiss. I would say not even making out really...take it slow, remember? Make him work for it! Play hard to get this time so he won't get bored so easily. Just use self-control if you really want to be with him. Think long term. Good luck! Also, what's with all the random hyperlinks? Haha

Ginny said...

If youre gonna try again with him... take it slow at least, sex just confuses your feelings even more.