Friday, October 23, 2009


Things with Brandon and I are still not on solid ground, but he hasn't stopped texting me. So...maybe he just needs some space. And I've been giving it to him! He mentioned that he's got a lot of stuff going on this weekend, so I'm just gonna see how it goes at work tonight. I've been back a week already, so things should have calmed down by now.
Wednesday and Thursday night, I went out with Summer, Ben, Mark and Cailee. And of course, we had a total blast! Tonight and tomorrow night I'm working, and Sunday, I'm going to the Renaissance Festival with Emma, Bethany and Tug! So I'm really looking forward to that. Plus, I'll have an excuse to wear my dress from Sophie's wedding! I can't wait.
Tuesday, I have an interview! It's at 8am, which really sucks, but it's for a project coordinator position out by InterContinental Airport. Something to do with security systems. Jayme's dad hooked me up with the interview, which is awesome, because according to him, I'm the least qualified out of all their prospects. But I'm what they call a "fresh out", which is a college graduate with basically no experience, but a hard worker and fast learner. Even if I don't get the job, at least I'll get the interview experience. I just need to go out and buy something to wear! Ugh... I'm nervous!!
I'm planning on inviting Brandon over for dinner Tuesday night. I'm gonna cook for him this time. Of course, I haven't asked him yet, but I'm gonna wait till Sunday, cuz I wanna see how tonight and tomorrow go. He's playing golf today, and I don't wanna text or call him. So...I dunno. I just really need to talk to him, face to face. It's always better that way. And hopefully we can get back on track. ((Sigh))
If all goes as planned, Tuesday will be a very busy day!! So wish me luck...with everything!

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Anonymous said...

Even though you don't have alot of experience PROVE to them that YOU know what their business does.

Go on google, talk to people etc. I was a manager for the state and interviewed millions of times. We are truly impressed with Interviewees who knows about what job they are applying for.

Good luck!