Sunday, October 25, 2009

Date Number 2!

We're on for Tuesday night!!
Brandon and I talked last night after work, I was in the back bar, and he was in the front. So we didn't really see much of each other during the shift, but it's probably better than way. So we talked after work, and flirted a little, and I asked him what he was doing Tuesday, and he said nothing, so I invited him over for dinner! And he said yes!
When I got home, he sent me a text that said, "Good night Peyton. Have fun tomorrow!"
Emma and I went to the Renaissance Festival today. It was really fun, but I'm totally exhausted now from my lack of sleep. And I can't stop thinking about my interview Tuesday. I'm really nervous! Tuesday is gonna be a real busy day. I have the interview at 8am, then a wax at 2:30, then work at 6, then dinner with Brandon. I told him I probably wouldn't get off work till 10 or 11, so it would be a late dinner. Now I just have to figure out what I'm gonna make! I'm thinking something French... But obviously it's gotta be something kinda easy and/or quick to make. Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

mmmm! you should make a mexican dinner so you can have margaritas! and its not that hard to make guacamole dip and tacos or quesadillas... then you could maybe buy some fried ice cream for dessert... just a thought! good luck!

Anonymous said...

aww. make waffles or pancakes (like breakfast for dinner). You can have the whole shebang with whip cream, strawberries, toast, eggs, etc)