Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Decisions, Decisions...

Ok, quick update!
TDH bailed on our not exactly a date date. So I went out with Evan instead.
John has been oddly distant, but that could just be because he took off work Saturday, and I haven't seen him in a while.
TDH still texts me on a daily basis, but I can't really figure out why, since he doesn't seem to wanna make any definite plans.
And, there's a new guy in the picture.
One of the bartenders at the shot bar, her name is Summer, it's her brother. His name is Brandon. He's definitely attractive, but not as tall as I would like. But the thing I do really like about him is HE ACTUALLY CALLS ME!
And in a texting world girls, that's hard to find. I mean literally, the first day after he got my number, he called me and asked me to hang out Thursday. So! I have plans with Brandon on Thursday. Oh, and he's a lot of fun. He's goofy, and we like to give each other shit and tease each other. It's fun.
So that's that with the boys!

In other news, my mom started chemotherapy yesterday. She decided to go ahead with the chemo, because I guess the surgeon told her she needed it. And I talked to her on the phone while she was there, with the IV in her arm. She sounded so horrible it was heart breaking. I almost started crying in the grocery store. I never thought this would be so hard. I mean my job is to be strong for my mom, make her laugh, and take her mind off the bad stuff. And I'm pretty good at doing that actually! I can always make my mom laugh. But when I'm not with her, it's gut wrenching. I mean every time we get off the phone it's like...it's like a waterfall of emotions, worry, stress, sadness, regret all just comes crashing down on me. ((sigh))
It's so hard.

And finally, I'm thinking about going back to school. At the Art Institute. I spoke to someone on the phone today about the photography program, and I set up a meeting on Saturday. They wanna see my portfolio, and go over some of the classes and give me a tour. My mom is going with me too, and she's really glad I'm looking into it. I'm actually excited about it too! I mean I would really love to learn some new Photoshop stuff! I would have to get a whole 'nother bachelor's degree, which might take me a while, but at least it would be something I have a chance of using! And I think I'll really enjoy it. So...I think it might be a good idea.

I'm sorry I haven't been good about writing lately. It's just that they have me working 5 nights a week now, and when I do get a night off, I just wanna go out with my friends, ya know?
Last night was my coworker, Taryn's birthday, so Alyssa and I went out for that. Oh, and she's the one that's dating the famous pro-athlete. So he was there and I got to meet him. That was pretty awesome! Evan was so jealous! Haha...
Well, Oliver is literally running laps around my living room right now, and it's such a beautiful night! I'm gonna go take him for a walk.


Just me said...

Hey girl! It sounds like things are busy but in a fni way for ya, which is always awesome.

I have a question tho....you might have said it a long time ago but what did you get your in before? That sounds like fun to go to an art institute. I wanna go to school for drama.....but gotta a baby on the way so that's gonna have to wait a while. =^)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Enjoy life and the boys, have fun with it. Be as strong as you can be for your mom. That's all she really needs from you right now, strength and support!