Friday, October 24, 2008

I Miss You

Dude...has anyone seen that new Beyonce video "If I Was A Boy"?? It's SO freakin' good! And I don't even like Beyonce! I mean really, every time she comes on the radio, I change the station! But that video is just so true...
Anyways, that was just a little tidbit that was on my mind.

So, it seems that I have the worst luck ever when it comes to dating. When I woke up this morning, I had a text from Brandon, explaining that all day yesterday, he thought it was Tuesday. Therefore he thought today was Wednesday, up until this morning that is. But since today was actually Thursday, he couldn't make our date, because he had to leave for Florida right after work. ((sigh))
I mean I knew he had a trip to Florida coming up. He's mentioned it a couple times, but I forgot about it. And I was really bummed that we couldn't go out tonight. I ended up staying home, watching my DVR and cleaning my apartment. I figured I may as well stay in and save some money. I have some stuff coming up in November and January that I'm gonna need to save money for so...yea. My night was lame.
And what sucks even more is all I've been doing is thinking about Brandon! I actually miss him! What is wrong with me?! I mean I was really hoping that after dinner he'd come over and hopefully spend the night. I really enjoyed cuddling with him. :)
G's I'm so pathetic. This is exactly how it always starts: with me setting myself up for disappointment. I shouldn't expect these things. You'd think I would have learned by now.
Well, at least he comes back Sunday, and I'm off that day, so maybe I'll get to see him. But I won't plan on it.

I talked to my mom on the phone today. She and my dad and a couple of their friends just hopped a cruise ship to Hawaii. It was their 25th wedding anniversary last month. So I won't be able to talk to my parents for 4 days till they get there. It's so weird, cuz I actually miss my mom! I mean not that I don't ever miss her, it's just that they just left! And it's not like I see her everyday anyways, so I dunno why I miss her so much now. I guess it's because I'm worried about her, and we talk on the phone at least every other day these days. Her birthday was on Tuesday. I got her a really sappy card and a charm for her bracelet; it was the awareness ribbon. She really liked it.
When I talked to her on the phone today she started crying. Her hair is just starting to fall out. They said it would after 18 days. And they gave her 2 doses of Taxol (chemo drugs) before she left, to make up for the week she's gonna have to miss, so she's been feeling a little sick. ((sigh)) It really just breaks my heart that my mom is going through all this. I tried to cheer her up on the phone. I've always been good at that. My mom thinks I'm the funniest person alive. Lol. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am pretty damn funny, but you know how moms are... So I told her to keep her spirits up and relax, and slap that wig on and have a good time. Haha.
I'm sure my parents will have fun. They never get to do fun, exciting stuff like this. And the timing couldn't be more perfect. It's exactly what my mom needs right now.

Well...I guess I'm gonna go read in bed till I fall asleep. Taryn and I are supposed to go shop for Halloween costumes tomorrow. Ugh...
Have I ever mentioned how much I hate Halloween???


Anonymous said...

Keep your head up! Just because he's gotta go out of town, doesn't mean he won't want to see you as soon as he gets back. I'm sure he will!!! I really hate that your mom has to go through all of this, but at least she has you and the rest of your family to support her.
I kind of secretly hate Halloween too! I always want to get excited, but usually it's a big let down filled with too many drunks and too many skanks.


Anonymous said...

Ugh, I've got to get a costume too, and I have no idea what to get! Going to a club with a friend, so I HAVE to dress up, and I'm totally stressing out about it!
How did you do? What did you end up getting?


StarzGazR said...

Be optimistic about your mom.. she sounds like a tough lady and with your love and support she'll make it through this! !
As far as brandon.. now you know that when he gets back from FL there will be alot of "catching up" to do.. so you can do all the spooning and forking you want ;)