Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Tale Of Two Turkeys

So much has happened in 2 days, I dunno if I'll be able to cram it all in!
Ok, first of all, Brandon spent the night Friday and Sunday night! I think I already recapped Friday. Well, nothing happened on Friday anyway so, Sunday!
I had the day off, which was nice, and definitely well deserved. I slept in super late, and then went up to my bar to meet Nick and some coworkers. I called Brandon on my way there, and he said he'd meet up with me when he was done studying.
So we hung out there all day, and then Brandon and I headed back to my place around 12:30am. He'd been acting a little...distant through out the day I noticed. He kept leaving to talk to other people for long periods of time. But that's fine, I mean he's gonna be working with us soon, and it's good for him to get to know people I guess. So we get back to my place and I put on Across The Universe. He pretty much fell asleep, with his head on
my shoulder while we were sitting on the couch. So when the movie ended, I suggested we go to bed.
So when we got in bed, I started to get really impatient, wondering if he was ever going to kiss me. And there he was, laying right next to me, not doing a damn thing! So I started huffing. Lol. And then he asked me what was wrong. And I started giving him shit about how he must be afraid of me or something, and then suddenly, he was kissing me.
And it was actually kind of anticlimactic. ((sigh)) I mean, we kissed for a while, and I just kept waiting for that feeling, that first kiss swooning feeling, to hit me....but it never did. :(
And I dunno if it's just because of all the waiting, and the built up anticipation, or if it's just because we don't have chemistry. But it's so frustrating!! GRRRRR!!!
So he left the next day, and I actually haven't seen him since. I mean we've talked, but he had a test this week, and he went into work late on Monday cuz his alarm didn't go off, so he's been studying and going to bed early this week. At least, that's what he's been telling me. And I've been working. And I talked to Melissa about it. She says I always do this. I really like a guy, and I chase him, and I let him chase me, and then as soon as it happens, BAM! I lose interest. And she's sort of right, but I'm not sure if I agree that it's self-sabotage. I mean, if that was the case, he'd at least be calling me still, right??? And I haven't heard from him all day. He used to send me "good morning" text messages. Haven't gotten one of those either. ((sigh)) Oh well. I'm just gonna leave him alone for a while and see what happens.

In other news! Last night, Bethany, and Tug and I went to the Ghostland Observatory show at the new House of Blues! It was AWESOME! We had so much fun! It turned out that a group of our coworkers were there, so we hung out in their booth with them, which had an amazing view, and guess who was there?? John.
The ups and downs with him never seem to end...
So after the show, we all went back to our bar for a couple drinks, and John wasn't there. I figured he'd gone home. Then Bethany, Tug and I went to BW3's for some grub and trivia and ended up staying there for about an hour. When we went back to our bar to close out our tabs there he was! With his bike in tow. Apparently he'd gone home to get his bike or whatever, and when he game back, the rest of the crew was gone. So we were all standing around talking, and he offered me a shot. I said yes, of course, and we went inside. Bethany and Tug went home, and then it was just me and John.
We took a shot, and had a couple drinks and just talked for a while. It was kind of nice actually. Because both of us were sober, unlike every other time we hang out. Then it started pouring down rain! So John moved his bike inside through the back door. I ended up taking him back to my place, since he couldn't drive his bike. Don gave us a lot of shit as we were leaving, saying stupid things like, "Be safe! Use a condom!"
I yelled at him to shutup. When we got back to my apartment, I put on a movie (John wanted to watch 21) and we just made ourselves comfortable in bed. Before long, John was passed out, and my eyes were fighting to stay open. So I turned off the movie and went to sleep. And that was that! Just like last time. No kissing, no cuddling, no touching even! But I knew what to expect this time around, so it wasn't that weird. And I think I might be starting to get over him. All the runaround, the up and downs, the games, the ambiguity... It's gotten old. I just don't wanna do it anymore.
Tall Dark and Handsome still texts me btw... I'm not even really sure why, because he never texts me to make plans! He just asks what I'm doing! That's getting pretty old too. If he doesn't ask me out soon, I'm going to delete his phone number. I think I've just had it up to here with guys who can't make up their minds. I don't want someone who doesn't know what they want! I want a guy who's sure. A guy who's attractive, smart, funny, and nice. Somebody I can be myself with.
And do you know who I just described??


Oh, and did I mention that Melissa and I are going to Dallas this weekend to see his game? I'm so excited!!!

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