Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Back In The Picture

On Sunday Brandon got in from Florida around 2am. And he came over!!
We had another deliciously wild night, complete with cuddling. :)
There's just something about the way he pulls me close and puts his arm around me... And he's so warm, and his skin is so soft, but his muscles are so hard, and it's just so damn sexy... ((drool))
Anyways, on Sunday during the day, I went with Bethany to a photoshoot for a website. It was so awesome! Obviously we didn't tell anyone there that I was a photographer, because we didn't want people to think I was trying to steal anyone's ideas. But it was good because I got to check out her equipment, and see how she uses it and stuff. So I now I have a much better idea of what kind of lighting I need, etc... And that's definitely the next big thing on my list of things I absolutely have to have! I can't wait to get lights and backdrops and start shooting again! It's gonna be awesome.
Oh, and Bethany is now the new face of a superchic vintage website. She looks totally fab.
Yesterday I went to Ikea and finally bought a stand for my ancient 2-ton television. With all the flat panels these days, it's become almost impossible to find an entertainment center that will support the weight of my TV! Lol. But I got a nice one with lots of storage for under $200!! My living room is finally starting to look like a living room! Now I just have to put up my DVD stands and paint. That's next on my list for this week. I need to pick up some special screws from the hardware store, and pick out the perfect shade of green.
Brandon came over again last night and helped me with my TV. :D
He was looking through my DVD collection, and he hasn't seen over half of them! But he doesn't watch a lot of TV, or so he claims. I, on the other hand, am a DVD collector. I never rent. Hehe. So my collection is huge.
I still haven't gotten, or even looked for a Halloween costume. Ugh. But I think I'm going to be Kelly from the "Shoes" video on youtube. Lol. Because I already have that shirt from the "Let Me Borrow That Top" video (Sophie got it for me for Christmas last year, lol) and I have some striped tights. So really all I need is a blond wig and some black framed glasses. Lol. And then I won't have to be slutty! HA!
I am, to my dismay, off again this Thursday. I don't know why they gave me the night off, cuz I need the money! So I'm desperately trying to pick up a shift. Brandon is working the whole weekend, so that should be interesting. It'll be our first time working together since...you know...
We both agreed we don't want things at work to be awkward, or weird, and we're not telling people either. The only person that knows is Bethany, and probably Tug, and Summer. But I don't even know if he's told Summer that we're sleeping together. Sooo, hopefully word doesn't get out.
I still wonder about John every once in a while... Why we can't even seem to get it right. Maybe he doesn't really like me that much. Maybe it's just sexual chemistry. Maybe it's just the whole "what if" scenario that's got me curious. I dunno. But I'm not that concerned about it anymore, I mean...what's the point? Things with Brandon and I are going great so far, we have lots of fun together, and he calls me almost every day. So I think this is a good thing. Only time will tell...


Anonymous said...

it seems to me that you might possibly be loving the idea of being in a relationship and being in love more than actually liking the people you are with. It's just that you seem to jump from guy to guy a lot and problems always arise and it makes me wonder if you force yourself to temporarily like the guys becuase you like the idea of them so much.

Anonymous said...

But how do you find 'the one' without dating and trying things out? You've got to kiss a lot of frogs......