Friday, June 27, 2008


Well...tonight was supposed to be my second date with Brady. But...I never heard from him. All day!
And honestly? I don't really care.
It was just one of those things where we met, and we liked each other, and had a good time together, but...we just didn't click. There was no spark. And I didn't really see it going past this week. So I guess maybe Brady figured he'd cut his losses early. Meh... It stung a little at first that he didn't even call to cancel, but whatever. I'm over it.
Baseball Guy on the other hand, has been texting me nonstop! He's in Texarkana right now with his team, for a couple of games. And I know I should feel happy, and flattered even that he's paying me so much attention (maybe he's just bored?), but it's almost annoying! I mean he's been texting me all day, every day since the night we met! And mostly he just complains! About the heat, about getting up early for workouts, his AC in his hotel room not working, the crappy movie he just watched... The list goes on.
Alyssa says maybe he just wants something to talk about, and he doesn't really have anything else exciting going on at the moment. So I hope that's what it is. But that didn't stop me from sending him a text that read: There's no crying in baseball! ;)

Alyssa and I went out to dinner tonight at Carl's restaurant. He totally gave us all our drinks for free, and even sent over a "birthday" dessert, complete with a sparkler. Lol. It was fun though. Then we went back to Russ's house (he's on a mission trip out of the country right now) and watched The Other Boleyn Girl, which was excellent, yet morbidly depressing. I'm certain that Queen Anne must have been a crackpot. Lol.
Anyways, it was great to have some girl time, and to do something low key on my night off. I'm really kinda burned out on the midtown bar scene lately. It's always the same places, the same people, the same story... And I'm just getting tired of the Go! Go! Go! in my tall stiletto heels, if you know what I mean. It's nice to be able to sit somewhere quiet with a bottle of wine, or a marg and just...talk! So that's what I've been doing lately.
Anyway, I have this feeling that Daniel and WTP are already broken up. I didn't wanna ask Alyssa outright, but I'm pretty sure he's already gotten tired of her. Which doesn't surprise me.
But I find myself wondering, almost wishing, he'll come back to me. Then I slap myself mentally for thinking that and immediately launch into the list of reasons why I hate Daniel. ((sigh))
Why can't I just get over him already!?

P.S. I've noticed that sometimes you guys ask me questions in my comments, so here's your chance! Any questions you may have for me, please ask in a comment, and I'll answer all of them in my next post. As long as they're not vulgar, or pertaining to my identity, of course.
Look forward to hearing from you all!


Anonymous said...

what other blogs do you read?

Anonymous said...

dude. breakups are hard and all, but seriously, you need to just take a break. focus on friends (girl-time), or hobbies, or whatever you feel like, but anything other than BOYS (or out of control drinking). im not trying to be a bitch or anything, and trust me, ive been there. i know how hard it is. but going from one meaningless distraction aka guy to the next meaningless distraction aka guy isnt going to help. just focus on you, and then when the time is right, you will have a good meaningful, healthy relationship with a great guy who appreciates you!

Anonymous said...

Post breakup anxiety sucks. Logically you know that it shouldn't be bothering you as much as it does, but you just can't help it. I always felt like I was constantly chastising myself. Good luck. You'll get through it.