Thursday, June 5, 2008

Moving Day

The rest of Monday night was bittersweet. After Whitney finally left, Daniel asked me what was wrong.

I tried explaining how I felt about Whitney being an asshole to me just for the hell of it, but he says I do the same thing to Whitney. ((sigh)) We got into a little argument because of that, but we talked it out, which was really nice. And then we drank an entire bottle of rum, and had wild passionate sex.

No, seriously. Lol.

It was AWESOME. Hahaha.

So Tuesday, Daniel tells me we need to go to his leasing office to pick up a copy of his contract. The U-Haul store won't let them get a truck unless you have a major credit card, which they'll put a $75 hold on, or if you're paying cash, they need a passport, or legal contract, or some kind of collateral. Oh, and guess what!? Daniel has to rent the truck because Whitney doesn't have a valid driver's license. Because he can't get it renewed. Because he has warrants. (@#$!$^!#&^%$%$@%^*&^!!!!) <---- That is how I feel about that. Whitney is 31 years old!!! GROW UP ALREADY!!! UGGGGHHHH!!

So, once again, everything is up to Daniel to take care of. And since he wanted to pay cash, he needed to get a copy of his lease. Well, we head over there around noon, and for some reason, they couldn't give him a copy because the broker still hadn't signed it! Daniel was really frustrated about that. So he calls Whitney to tell him. And we were sitting in my car in the parking lot, and I could hear everything Whitney was saying. And guess what that fucker had the audacity to say!?

"Well, does Peyton have a credit card we could use?"

YEA. FUCKIN. RIGHT. Like I am going to be financially responsible for his loser ass because he doesn't have any money or a driver's license to rent the van himself!? HA! Daniel didn't know I could hear what Whitney was saying though, and all he replied was "I don't know."

At least he didn't ask me.

So then we drove over to Public Storage to try and rent one from them. That was a bust too because Daniel doesn't have car insurance, only motorcycle insurance. And I could tell that he was starting to get frustrated with Whitney. I mean what an ungrateful bastard, making Daniel do all this work just because he's an irresponsible boob who can't pay his bills. Ugh...it sickens me. Really.

So we drove back to the leasing office to see if the broker was in. As luck would have it, he was able to get the copy of his contract, and we just barely had time to go over and pick up the truck before I had to go to work.

So we spent the entire 2 days that Daniel had off- 2 days that we could have used to do things we actually wanted to do - running around taking care of shit for Whitney, that he should have taken care of himself.

When I got back from work Tuesday night, at like 3 am, they weren't even back yet! Whitney brought a girl friend over to "help them move" and they were drinking while they did it, which naturally made it take twice as long as it should have. So Daniel got like...4 hours of sleep last night before he had to get up and get ready for work. I am so completely disgusted by this whole situation.
I'm secretly hoping that living with Whitney will make Daniel open his eyes and realize what a selfish, inconsiderate jerk Whitney really is, and then maybe we won't have to hang out with him so much. Is that so evil of me that I don't want them to be friends?? ((sigh))

Well, I'm off to the airport to pick up Sophie and Brent! This weekend's going to be a busy one!


Jadeny said...

I'm still a little baffled that a boy is named Whitney. Doesn't happen here in NYC lol.

cxy650 said...

My bf's best friend is this type of guy exactly!! So I totally know what your going through..I don't get these guys, but Daniel seems smart enough to realize what's going on So good luck!