Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Me, Daniel and Dupree

Sorry it's been so long since I've written! Once again, I haven't been home in about a week. Things with Daniel and I are going great. We almost have a little routine worked out. I hang out at his place when he's working, then we eat together, then I go to work. And on my nights off, we watch movies, or take the bike out. And on his days off, we usually just do whatever tickles our fancy. But not this week.
Daniel has this friend...his name is Whitney. Actually, they're "best friends". And I pretty much can't stand Whitney! My first impression of him is that he's an insufferable know-it-all and he constantly puts in his two cents where it's not wanted. Not to mention he thinks wayyyy too highly of himself. So naturally, we butted heads quite a bit in the beginning. But I started to get used to him, and actually, he even started to grow on me a bit. But he will always be one of those people who,
A) I can only handle in small doses. and
B) I can't be with alone, or one of us will end up getting hurt.
But I tolerate him for Daniel's sake because...well because they're "best friends." Now, I'm sure you've all noticed that I've been putting "best friends" in quotes. And that is because, while they both say that they're "best friends", it seems to be a pretty one-sided relationship to me. And I'm about to illustrate that.
Whitney got evicted from his apartment on Saturday. Guess why??? Because he hasn't been paying his utilities bill for an entire freakin' year!! Who just does that?!?! I mean what was he expecting would happen?!?! So he got evicted, and Daniel, being a nice guy offered to let him stay with him for a little while, till he found his own place and got back on his feet. So poor Daniel (and I!) spent all day Sunday moving everything out of Delilah's room, and rearranging furniture, etc., to make room for all Whitney's crap. ((sigh)) And it wasn't exactly fun. And Daniel has been stressing out because he's worried about how this is all going to affect Delilah, now that she has no room of her own. Granted, she does sleep in Daniel's bed with him when she's over (she gets scared), but still... I understand why he's worried.
So anyways, Monday rolls around and both of us had the day off. I had to go home and take care of some things during the day, because Sophie and Brent are coming into town tomorrow. I'm so excited to see them!!! But when I finished running errands, I went back over to Daniel's to help him and Whitney out. Whitney was supposed to be bringing over some furniture in his truck. But when I get there, they're both just sitting on the couch talking! Most of Delilah's things had been boxed up and set aside, so I could tell Daniel had been doing most of the work, but none of Whitney's stuff was there.
"What have you guys been doing?" I asked.
"Well, I just got off work a couple hours ago, and I'm still packing up boxes at my house. But I'm about to make a couple trips now." Whitney said.
But he didn't seem eager to get to work on anything. And they continued their conversation. I sat down on the couch next to Daniel and pulled my book out of my backpack.
"Omg, is that an Incubus sticker on your backpack?" Whitney asked.
"Yea..." I said.
He immediately started laughing, and made some snide comment about how they were a shitty corporate band. Of course I defended them, since they're one of my favorite bands of all time!
"They are not!" I said, "And I've been listening to them since S.C.I.E.N.C.E came out, so I don't care how "trendy" they are now."
"Oh right...that's what everybody says! 'I've been listening to them since the beginning!'" He said in a mocking tone.
I rolled my eyes, and opened my book, trying to ignore him.
But then he started in on Panic! At The Disco, another band that I really happen to like. And he kept singing a really bad version of the chorus line in I Write Sins Not Tragedies, and saying, "How does it go Peyton?? Sing it for me! Haha!" And he just wouldn't quit. It's like he says things, thinking that they're soooo funny, but he never knows when to stop! And it goes past teasing, into just being mean. Ya know what I mean? It's like he's trying as hard as he can just to piss me off. And I hate to give him that satisfaction, but it usually works. So I was getting really annoyed by this point, but I continued pretending to read. All the while I'm thinking, this is what I'm gonna have to deal with every time I come over here now. Ugh...
So finally I say, "Um, Whitney? Weren't you just going to go make a trip to get some of your stuff?"
"Oh yea...I need to get started on that." He replies.
And then what does he do??? He pops in a movie.
So I sit there and watch Beowulf with them, as I get more and more annoyed.

He ended up never bringing anything over Monday night. Daniel only has Monday and Tuesday off. So guess what we got to do Tuesday??
Try to get a U-Haul.
That's a whole other story, which I'll get to, I promise. But now, just writing about Whitney is making me angry...

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