Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

I've hardly seen Daniel at all the past couple days because his dad is in town, and has been staying with him, and he has his daughter till Wednesday! I miss him. :(
But I did go to dinner with Daniel, Delilah (his daughter), his dad and his dad's girlfriend, and Alyssa and Russ last night. And when Alyssa and Daniel invited me, I didn't really think twice about it at first. But when I was driving to the restaurant I had a mini panic attack because I realized about I was about to sit down to dinner with practically my boyfriend's entire family! And I've never actually hung out with Daniel and Delilah, and I've never pushed the issue because...well I dunno. I've never dated a guy with a kid before! And she's only 4, so I don't wanna make it weird, or uncomfortable for her, ya know?
It turned out to be fine, of course, because I had Alyssa and Russ there as kind of a buffer. And plus, I don't even think their dad knows about Daniel and I! I mean I've met him several times before, but just as Alyssa's good friend. So...I dunno. ((sigh))
Anyways, today I went out to Lake Conroe with pretty much everyone from work! Mr. P. has a super badass lake house, with all the trimmings, and we were out on the boat pretty much all day. And I got some excellent sun and some great pictures! Bethany and Tugg and I all drove up together, and now I'm just exhausted! I was really hoping to see Daniel when I got back but...I didn't really have any way of getting hold of him, and plus, he still has Delilah so...I guess I'll just see him tomorrow or Wednesday.
Speaking of which, I'm really nervous about cooking him dinner Wednesday night! I mean it's my favorite recipe for Italian cream sauce, and I've made it several times, but it's been over a year! So I'm afraid I might be a little rusty. And I've decided to add sundried tomatoes to it, because I love sundried tomatoes, and I think it will be a nice twist. Now I'm just online looking up recipes for desserts. Lol. Cannoli's are just gonna be too much work after everything else, so I need something quick and simple. Maybe I'll just pick up some icecream. Lol.


*Amber* said...

A late happy birthday! Glad to see you back to writing, and that you're back with Daniel - YAY!

Anonymous said...

OK, In the past two days I have read your entire blog and I LOVE it!! I don't think that you're promiscuous or anything else, I think you're just living the life of a twenty-something single gal!

And, Daniel sounds like a dream...can't wait to hear more!!