Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Daniel already has a new girlfriend. Who he cheated on me with.
Why didn't I see this coming? How could I let my guard down like that??
He wrote her this on myspace:

"Here is something I found that I thought was interesting!

Taurus Man & Pisces Woman
This is a strong match that has a very good chance of turning into real, lasting love. You are both passionate people who feel deeply about things, so you complement each other well in this area. You also share a passionate romantic side that will keep you both interested and attracted to each other. While you are sometimes a little bit quirky and volatile, you will be happier and more even-tempered in a relationship with a Taurus boy. He also provides you with a stability and strength that balances you and makes you feel more secure. The one drawback in this relationship for you is that he’s not the most considerate guy, and you will find he can be a little insensitive to your feelings and needs sometimes.
This is something I need to work on...I thought this was kinda of an eye opener after what happen last night, sorry babe! =( With your compassion I can overcome it! ;)
However, if everything else is strong, this shouldn’t be a make-or-break problem. All in all, it’s a strong match that will be very good for you. Taurus boy's loves Pisces girl's innate capacity for passion and understanding. While he wears his strength on his sleeve, you choose to take the iron-fist in the velvet-glove approach, which is far more effective in the long haul. Respect his need to be grounded, and a potentially wonderful match is yours.
Famous Couples: Enrique Iglesias (Taurus) and Jennifer Love Hewitt (Pisces); Cindy Crawford (Pisces) and Rande Gerber (Taurus)HAHAHAHAHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anyways I already miss you and Ill send more love soon!!!

I was at the hair salon when I found out, and my heart just...stopped when I read that. And I finally cried. The whole drive home. In fact, I was crying so hard, I couldn't breathe, and I had to pull over.

He just broke my heart.


Anonymous said...

he is a b astard.

Jadeny said...

What a D/*CK!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a jerk, but maybe you broke HIS heart. He told you he loved you, and you didn't say it back, he probably figured you weren't worth his time if he felt so strongly about you and you didn't feel the same way. Especially since you didn't handle the "I love you" very well... \

Peyton said...

That's an interesting theory, but definitely not the case. I DID tell him I loved him. Not right away, but I did, and he said it back, and everything seemed fine. The only difference was, I actually meant it.

Miss Punk said...

What a Bastard Peyton !! People like you dont need these people in your life...seriously you are so much better off without him.. Hang in there chica. Take care :)

K said...

OMG! I'm SO sorry, Peyton!! I know exactly how you feel, and i'm sending positive thoughts your way... He's a total bastard and I hope you realize you deserve so much better! Doesn't help right now, I know.