Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Great Expectations

Today was the best day I've had in quite a while! But before I get into that, I'm gonna answer the one question I got. Lol.
The only blog I read really, is Bedroom Blog. I used to read this other blog, called American Girl Abroad, but she just out of the blue, stopped blogging. So I don't like to get attached to blogs like that. So yea, just Bedroom Blog.
So my day today. Actually, it started out pretty crappy. I got home really late yesterday; I spent the day with Bethany, Jayme and Alyssa. Baseball Guy made a brief appearance, but he got stuck driving his friend home and never made it back. Anyways, so this morning, my mom called and woke me up after only 4 hours of sleep to tell me about a potential job interview.
A girl at our church, Katy, is doing an internship at a marine shipping company in Houston, and told my mom about a job opening. Anyways, her boss wanted me to come in today, because it was the last day for interviews. So I did the best job I could updating my resume in the short amount of time I had, and then headed downtown.
Dani, a really pretty, dark haired woman, probably no older than 30, greeted me and led me through the dispatch room, and into a small conference room. Everyone stared at me as we walked through. Dani started laughing as soon as the door closed.
"Everyone was staring at you!" She giggled.
"Yea, I noticed." I blushed.
"They're not very inconspicuous, are they?" She continued to laugh to herself as she ushered me into a chair and handed me an application.
Then she warned me that 2 of the managers, as well as herself would be sitting in on my interview. I was the last one of many.
The interview itself was intense. For one, I definitely wasn't prepared, only having had 4 hours of sleep, and no prep time! And I didn't even get to properly research the company. But I did ask lots of questions, and tried to seem relaxed, and considering the circumstances, I think it went pretty well.
Afterwards I shook all their hands and thanked them for their time, and Dana told me they would be in touch.
I immediately texted Katy as soon as I got out of the building.
"OMG that was intense!"
"Really?? How did it go?"
I gave her a brief overview of my interview, and told her I did my best; now I just have to wait.
"All the guys in dispatch thought you were hot." She wrote, "They want you to come to happy hour and have drinks after work."
I laughed, and politely declined. Seeing as I don't have the job yet, I just don't think that would be appropriate. Plus, I really needed to visit a couple more apartments in the area.
And low and behold, the perfect apartment!!
It's in a great location, close enough to everything, and the complex is small, and quaint, with beautiful pools and courtyards. I love it! And the best part?? It's less than I was planning to spend and I can have a dog!! I've been wanting a labradoodle so bad for the past 6 months and now I can finally get one!! Oh, and there were no shortage of young, cute guys running around.
So I filled out an application immediately! Now I just have to wait for my credit report to come in, which I know will be fine. I can't wait to move out!
On my way home, Katy called. She had just left the mini happy hour party, and one of my interviewers had been there. She said she talked to him, and he told her he really liked me, but he thinks I would be better suited for a job like Katy's, because there are more opportunities to move up in the company, and it's less busy work. And as it turns out, Katy's internship is up on August 15, so the position will be open, and apparently they're already considering me for it. So she said they're definitely gonna call me back, and they're probably going to offer me something. And I mean I'm talking benefits, paid vacation and a 401k!
So now I'm home, just trying to decompress. I mean I seriously can't believe that 2 great things happened to me in one day! ((Sigh))
Now Alyssa and I are gonna go watch a movie, and oh! Izzie is calling me.
Gotta go!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that apartment sounds amazing! I wish I could find something like that, I'm running into nothing but dead ends!

Peri said...

Thanks for writing this.