Friday, February 24, 2012

I Stumbled Upon Something Bad...

I stayed with Brazil last night, everything was fine and dandy. We talked about stuff, mainly Stephanie, his ex. He said she keeps trying to contact him and it's bringing him down blablabla... I basically told him I was getting tired of hearing about Stephanie all the time, because I don't know what he wants me to do with this information! I mean there's nothing I can do about it. So how is that supposed to make me feel that he's constantly thinking about his ex, and getting all depressed over her? ((Sigh)) He said he was sorry, and that he's trying to get over her, but he can't just change his number, more blablabla.
So then this morning, he left early for work and I slept till like noon. When I got up, I went to his computer to check my email, facebook, etc. Well the browser opened automatically to his facebook, cuz he never signs out. And I saw a conversation open with some girl named Britney. And I saw the name Stephanie in that conversation, so I read it. Maybe it was against my better judgement, but guess what?? He apparently just broke up with her over the weekend!! Read below...

Britney: What's going on?

Brazil: broke up with the girl I was seeing this weekend :/

Britney: I didn't know you were seeing anyone. I'm so sorry. It just wasn't working out? What happened?

Brazil: it's a really long and sad story

Britney: Just tell me

Brazil: well i'm just heartbroken, I really fell for her, big time. I just feel used, and I am so angry, frustrated and sad

Britney: What did she do?

Brazil: Several things since I met her, but this weekend it reached the point where I had enough

Britney: What was the breaking point?

Brazil: this will be long so bear with me:

Britney: Ok

Brazil: So, she had to be away during valentine's day. She was doing training for her company in Ohio. Understandable, I had no problems with that at all.

Brazil: So we planned to celebrate our valentine's day on friday when she got back, i'd pick her up in the airport and we would have dinner afterwards

Brazil: i don't know if you know, but I don't have a car

Brazil: so I rented one, bought a nice card, bought a super nice gift (which i knew she really wanted already), made a reservation at this awesome restaurant in the burbs, I basically made sure she would have a great night once she got here

Britney: wow [Brazil], wow

Brazil: at first when she arrived, everything seemed to be fine, she seemed to be super happy to see me, she really enjoyed the gifts too, so far so good.

Brazil: Then at dinner, everything went fine, the food was great, we had wine, she enjoyed her meal, all good.

Brazil: then we drove back to her place, so we could spend the night together once we got there, she basically didn't even let me go up, saying she was too tired and wanted to be alone. 

Brazil: lets not forget she didn't give me shit for vday, just for the record. as soon as she left the car, i just could not believe what happened

Britney: oh boy

Brazil: then, the next day, she refused to answer the phone all day, completely ignoring me. That's when i said i had enough. She's done this several times before, so it was not like it was the first time.

Brazil: not to say that all the times i was at the hospital she did not come visit me once, one of the times she said she couldn't because she was having dinner with her girlfriends

Britney: Omg [Brazil], that would have been it for me right there

Brazil: so the dinner on friday, i was kinda giving it a last try, made sure i tried everything. i made sure i did everything as best as I could, so if something went wrong, i knew it would not have been my fault.

Brazil: and then, that shit happened, so I finally gave up

Britney: I'm sorry to hear that.

Yea, I'm sorry to hear that too, because I never want to see Brazil again. He fucking lied to me! After all that BULLSHIT about being honest, not matter what! He fucking lied. And what if he was sleeping with her?!? I feel like such a fool. I should have known better. He's young, he's not over his ex, wtf was I thinking!?? I know this is bad karma for reading a private conversation, but I guess it's better that I know. I just don't know what to do now. I mean I can't unlearn this information, and I can't pretend I don't know about it either. But how I can tell him I know?? What do I say to him?? And is it sad that there's some part of me that's hoping he'll have some sort of valiant explanation and everything will work out??

Oh yea, before I forget, guess who just sent me a friend request on facebook?? THE MODEL. Ughh.....


Alison said...


I am soooo sorry Peyton. I felt so awful reading that cause almost the exact same thing happened to me. Maybe you "shouldn't have" snooped, but aren't you glad you did now? He's a liar and is clearly using you as an emotional resting place as he gets over his ex. And what's worse is, he knows you really like him and is letting you develop feelings as he simply uses you to temporarily feel better. He said all that stuff to you because he knows eventually you wouldn't stick around otherwise. Honestly I wouldn't confront him, he'll either turn it around on you for snooping or come up with some excuse. Why should he get the courtesy of being able to explain his lies? He certainly wasn't thinking of you while stringing you along just in case he couldn't work it out with Stephanie. Barf! Next!

Peyton said...

Alison, you are sooo right. I couldn't have said it better myself. ((Sigh))

Anonymous said...

What a loser. He acts like victim, yet he's the one cheating on his girlfriend and using you. Pathetic. I'm not sure how I'd handle this one. I'd give myself a little time to think about it and do it right. But I wouldn't let him alleviate his guilty conscience by giving you excuses. I am so sorry. I can't imagine how you must feel...because I myself am so angry!



Anonymous said...

I agree with Alison.. that is terrible! He seemed so genuine, I can't believe he was blatantly lying that whole time.
I know it's probably best not to even say anything. But I wouldn't be able to help myself. The fact that you read the private conversation is NOTHING compared to what he did, so I wouldn't even care about that.
I'm so sorry he is a complete idiot. But you were meant to see that conversation.. if only so you could get away from him as quick as possible!

http://sweetcanadian.blogspot.com/ said...

I had a feeling, which is why i told you not to let your guard down, but i was hoping this would work out. You DESERVE more than what you have been getting. IDK what you look like but it seems like they think you are pretty & you work in a bar so they don't take you as seriously.

I would be PISSED. I would have copied the convo to my own fb, then resent it to him to see how he was going to try to get out of that one.

No wonder he did not text you on valentine's day.

DO NOT let him off the hook, let him know you accidentally found it & that you never want to see/speak to him again because after all his bs about being honest he really played/thought you were a fool.

Confronting him doesn't mean that he gets to explain it all, it is all there in black & white, it means you get to let him know that it wasn't right & that you know what a scumbag he is. Only a really weak person would believe anything he had to say after that & you are MUCH stronger than that.

~J said...

Well.. I see quiet a few ppl say you should just walk away and not give him the chance to explain or confront him or anything.

I disagree. I think you should have copied it to yourself and printed it out. The next time you are with him have it with you and handy. Ask him what he did for vday.. ask him whatever you want and when he lies.. that's when you bust his ass like.. "oh really? you didn't go pick up your g/f friend at the airport, take her to dinner..' blahblahblah..

He'll be pissed but you SOOOO shouldn't let him off the hook that easily. What he did to you was mean and horrible and you need to say your piece. Go off on him then leave. No one says you HAVE to listen to his excuses. But you really need to call him out on it so he can look and feel like the ass he truly is.

Jade said...

Holy crap. What an ass. That's so eff'd up. I wouldn't even know what to say. Maybe just casually bring it up like "Oh hey, I was checking my facebook..." I'm sorry, that completely sucks. :/ But I know exactly how you feel, waiting for the other shoe to drop. All I can say is if I've learned anything, it's to go with your gut instinct. No matter what. If you feel like something isn't right, it more than likely isn't. Don't worry, someone good will come along from all this. When you least expect it.

Keep your chin up and kick his ass to the curb! :D