Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Break Up

This was really neurotic of me, I know. But it was a lot easier than trying to remember and write down an entire conversation. Voices have been changed.
I'm gonna go back to crying in the fetal position.


Soccer16HHS said...

It says the video is private..?

Peyton said...

Sorry about that. It should be fixed now.

Anonymous said...

I'm not really sure what happens at the very end since it gets very muddled. I wish you had just told him how you definitively knew and laid it out for him that way rather than having a somewhat circular conversation of you saying that you know something is going on and him denying it because then in some ways it seems as if there was never any exact closure. But I guess either way the end result is you ended it so that is good. I hope you feel better as some more time passes.


~J said...

I agree with Janelle. You should have been 100% honest with him, since you were mad at him for not being 100% honest with you.

I also agree with your co-worker, you 2 weren't exclusive so in 1 way you can't be mad at him for that. HOWEVER! He should have been honest and you have every right to be mad at him for keeping this from you and lying to you about his relationship with Stephanie. It's obvious he didn't sleep with her cus she pretty much slammed the door in his face on vday. Plus, she had been out of town for a bit so there was no chance then either.

I think that once you calm down some, you really need to talk face to face with him again and BE HONEST. Tell him you didn't intentionally snoop, but you did see it and you read it and THATS how you know. I'm not saying forgive him and go back. That's entirely up to you. None of us can make the decision for you. But you really need to deal with this fully before moving on... with or without him.