Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Quick Poll!

Alright quick poll:

So Brazil really loves blowjobs, duh, but I told him that that's a lot more personal for me (true!) and that I don't normally give BJ's unless I'm in a relationship. Mainly cuz I hate when I give them, and then the guy blows me off and I feel super used. I dunno why, but blowjobs make me feel that way WAY more than sex.
But I don't want him to lose interest either, so I've been thinking about giving him one, just to keep him intrigued. Good idea, or bad idea? Cuz I know that once I give him one, there's no going back...
Hurry I need answers!!!


Soccer16HHS said...

I saw no because you don't feel comfortable and he didn't talk to you yesterday I say it's his loss and you can find someone who treats you well and doesn't need a bj to hang out with you

Jennifer said...

Bad Idea. I don't think you should EVER do something just so the guy doesn't "lose interest" if he's interested that shouldn't matter AT ALL

Bonnie-Lynn said...

I don't do bjs at all, i gag real bad so i have to be drunk.

I gave my fiance one the night we met because i was drunk & we were not going to have sex off the hop.

He has not left me alone for them since, so i would tread lightly here.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! I would NOT give him a blowjob simply to keep his interest. If he needs something like that to stay, I'd say you deserve better. Hold your ground and be true to yourself - you WON'T regret that, but you very well may regret the alternative.


Anonymous said...

Lol I would say just go for it. It'll shut him up for a while about it and he'll never be able to say that haven't tried. Also, if you've told him that its more personal for you, he should take it as a flattering sign of how much he means to you. Dont hold it over him though, just try to have fun.
Use flavored lube if you want to make it more bearable, maybe ask him to clean up that area for you before you go down (if it would make you more comfortable) and no one says you have to swallow! :s Also, there's 69..might take some pressure of you if he's working too..just saying... ;)
Try to relax and take the opportunity to get to explore that part of him. BUT if you're still not ready yet, don't be pressured into it. Good luck! And ps, did he mention valentines afterwards?