Saturday, February 25, 2012


I'm going to see him in an hour. I will definitely post when I get home from work tonight, which probably won't be till about 5am, but by tomorrow we'll all know what happens. ((Sigh))
Also, I just wanna clarify something, because Warren did point this out to me last night, which definitely doesn't excuse his behavior (!!!) but, I think it is a valid point worth mentioning. And that is that he and I are not exclusive. Also, Stephanie did dump him back in the beginning of December, and I'm pretty sure they never officially got back together. He just referred to her as his gf in that conversation because obviously that girl didn't know anything about their history. So I guess Brazil was just trying to see if he could work things out with Stephanie, because she said she wanted him back. But of course, the fact still remains that he lied to me about it. And that's the bottom line. So I'm not going to be cutting him any slack. Wish me luck. :/

I see our fate, I see our past
And all the things that could not last
It’s heavy on these eyes, frozen as I hold this photograph
It’s all we’re left that’s of any worth
And it’s so much more than a thousand words
Now in this frame is our only way we can endure

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http://sweetcanadian.blogspot.com/ said...

I hope that doesn't mean you will find excuses to forgive him. Exclusive or not he made the prmise to be honest & said he would tell you if he was seeing anyone else.

He made plans with her for v-day while he didn't even bother to text you..........

He is scum, period.