Friday, January 13, 2012

Put Out

Well I tried calling Evan once last night, and once today and he still hasn't answered. I left him a funny message today though so maybe...
Last night Matt and I made some tentative plans. I asked what he was doing, and he said he had a work dinner thing, but that he was free after, and he didn't think it would last too long. So I told him I might be out, and to text me if he wanted to meet up. He said, "For sure, I'll keep you posted."
So then I went and showered, put on makeup and fixed my hair, and he ended up not texting me again till 12:30am! He said his work thing ran late and he was just gonna go home and go to bed. I was already in bed by that point cuz I got so tired. So of course, I got all ready to go for no reason and ended up just staying home. I thought maybe I'd hear from him today, but I didn't. :(
I'm still hoping that maybe he'll show up at the bar sometime this weekend though. Everyone keep your fingers crossed for me! I'm at the point now where this whole thing with Matt could go south, really quick. As in, if I don't hear from him soon, I'm gonna just assume he's not interested and forget about him. At least...try to forget about him. But I'm gonna make sure I look really hot at work this weekend just in case.
I am actually really looking forward to Brazil coming home. He gets in on Saturday, as opposed to Sunday as I had originally thought, so he said he might stop by the bar that night, if he isn't too tired from the flight. Just one more reason to look superhot for work this weekend! At least one of them better show up! I'm so sick of going out of my way to do shit for guys when nothing comes out of it. i.e. getting waxed and going back on birth control before I went home for Christmas so that Gavin and I could hook up which never happened!!! I'm still pissed off about that, and I'm just done. I mean we had a great thing going for a while there, but I'm not going to let anyone continuously blow me off and then expect me to just be available at their earliest convenience. Fuck that!
That's the one good thing about Brazil. I feel comfortable enough with him now that I can really tell it like it is. And if he really likes me then he's going to have to satisfy some of my uneasiness and answer some of my questions. But he knows I'm a pretty no-nonsense person, and so far it hasn't scared him off. I just hope it isn't awkward, or disappointing when we finally see each other again. I guess I'll know after this weekend. If I don't see him Saturday, I'm sure I'll see him Sunday.
Well I'm off to bed. The sky has been vomiting snow all day and I still haven't warmed up from my walk home from the train. My covers are beckoning...


Anonymous said...

Can you refresh us on the evan story?

Peyton said...

Just go to the search tool I have in the left margin, and type "Evan" and every post I tagged him in will come up!