Sunday, January 1, 2012

Starting Off the New Year With a Bang!

Dude...I've been on cloud 9 all day.


Matt texted me yesterday morning before I was even awake. He said he was thinking about coming to my bar for NYE. He ended up not being able to, because we were sold out of tickets, so we decided to meet up afterwards. Work was awesome. Me and Warren and Abbie had so much fun behind the bar! It was great.
It took us forever to get out of there though. The place was completely trashed!! But finally, we finished, and I texted Matt. He invited me over, but I told him he should come with me to my place instead. So he met me at the L stop and we took the train to my house. I was a little bit tipsy, and so was he, but we laid in bed talking and giggling and kissing for like an hour. Then we both started to get a little sleepy. We were laying really close, facing each other, with our noses almost touching. He had his arms around me and I was running my fingers through his hair. When I got to the back of his neck, I grabbed a fistful of his hair and tugged on it. I literally felt him melt. Lol. Apparently that's his weakness. He went from almost asleep to awake and ready to pounce on me in like 2 seconds.
One of the things I really like about this guy is he tells me what he's thinking and what he wants, instead of hinting at it, or trying to make me figure it out. He tells me, "Yea I really wanna have sex with you, but hey, I'm not expecting anything." And he tells me, "I really just wanna kiss you right now." He also compliments me a lot which like I said, kind of makes me uncomfortable. But I think that's just the cautious side of me that inherently doesn't trust those words. Usually when guys shower girls with compliments like that it's just because they want something, and they'll say whatever they think she wants to hear in order to get what they want. So yea, it puts me on my guard, but it still makes me blush. :)
So anyway, at that point I just decided to stop second guessing myself and over-thinking everything and I just let my impulses take over. I wanted to have sex with him. So I did! And it was GREAT. ((Sigh)) Lol. He told me he thought he probably wouldn't last very long, because it had been a long time since he'd had sex. I almost laughed, but I asked him how long was a long time, and he said about 4 months. Again, I almost laughed.
But the sex was great. I mean...maybe it's just because I haven't gotten any in a long time, but I just get weak in the knees every time I think about it! He's not like a WamBamThankYouMam performer. He likes to take his time. Which is great for me, cuz in the past I feel like I was always having to tell the guy to slow down, or take it easy. But not with Matt. In fact, I didn't really have to give him any direction at all, other than, "Keep doing that!"
Neither of us lasted that long, to be honest. Lol, but it wasn't like a 3 pump finish or anything. It was perfect. And then we fell asleep, nice and cozy and close.
This morning, he woke up before I did. Probably cuz Jasper kept pestering him. Lol. It was about 11, so we'd been asleep maybe 4 hours? He woke me up by kissing me on the cheek. :) I rolled over and he kissed me again. Then he said he had to go soon because today is his Dad's birthday and he was going to parents for dinner and he needed to get cleaned up and run some errands. I teased him and said, "No, just 15 more minutes!" Just like he did to me the other night. Hehe. So he stayed a little longer, and I took advantage of him. All I have to do is run my fingers through the hair on the back of his head, just at the top of his neck, and it's like pressing a magic button! So we went for round 2. It was even better than round 1! Ahhhhh...
Before he left he kissed me again and said, "Beers this week."
"What?" I asked, still a little out of it from the sex and lack of sleep.
"Let's get beers this week." He said.
"Oh. Ok." I couldn't help but smile. Then I remembered my trip coming up and I had a mini panic attack because I think I really like this guy. I didn't mention it to him. Better to wait and see what happens.
He kissed me again and then he left.
I thought about going back to sleep after that, but then I remembered one of my coworkers was having a housewarming/new year's brunch. So I figured, what the hell? I'm already awake, and I haven't been grocery shopping in weeks so I might as well go. So I did! It was fun. I just got home a half hour ago, and now I'm back in bed. Lol. Soooo tired! Yesterday was a long day, and now all I wanna do is get cozy with Jasper and a movie or something. The only thing that could make the rest of this day better is Matt being here. ((Sigh))

On a side note, I haven't forgotten about Brazil. We've kept in touch since he's been gone, but I'm pretty sure he spent last night kissing some girl named Jessica. And now that I've met Matt, I haven't really been thinking about him as much. But he's still there...in the back of my mind...


Rachael said...

yay! 2 new posts! So happy!

Anonymous said...

Awwee! yAY! this guy better not get mean

Bonnie-Lynn said...

i can't read this :( there is a big picture over top the words

Peyton said...

Sorry, I was in the middle of editing my layout!! Finished now! :)

Anonymous said...

I love your blog but does anyone know of any others I might not have started reading yet? Alot of the ones I read have been quitting so I wondered if there are any I can catch up with? But I'm excited for this new boy =]

Bonnie-Lynn said...

anon i have a blog that is all over the place, wedding planning, life etc. I pull no punches & tell it like it is without sugar coating, if that's what you like stop on by. link is in profile (as to not take over the comments here lol.)

i was able to read it in this comment section P