Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Brazil's Got Baggage

In my practically post-coitus bliss Monday morning, I forgot to mention a few things regarding Brazil...
He finally came clean to me about his ex. His very recent ex... Apparently everything was copasetic until got a job promotion at the bank she works at. That was about a month ago. Then suddenly started "freaking out" and being a total bitch to him. Then on top of that, one of Brazil's friends committed suicide and she told him he was making too much of a big deal out of it. [WTF?!?] So they had a blowout and she ended things. According to him, this happened in the same week that we met. So obviously not a lot of time in between... And when he was here, he told me he was really dreading having to go over to her house the next day and pick up his stuff. He said he's not over it yet; that he's still angry with her for the way she treated him. And I mean I can totally understand that but...it's not something I wanna have to deal with either way.
So Monday night while I was at work (it was totally dead) he sent me a facebook message and I asked him about it. Here's our conversation...

Me: So how was it today?

Brazil: tough

Me: That sucks. I'm sorry.

Brazil: its cool, its just gonna take time to get over all of it

Me: Was she at least nice to you?

Brazil: yeah, she regrets it...putting pressure on me and stuff, i kinda dont wanna talk about it if you dont mind.

Me: np

Brazil: im sorry about bothering you with my baggage, its been too recent

Me: you're not bothering me. i'll let you know if you do. you know me, i don't put up with a lot of bullshit ;) and everyone has baggage.

Brazil: i get that, and as i promised i'll always be honest with you
i always tell people, I'd rather have someone hating me once for being honest, than hating me forever for being a liar. I just need to go slow, thats all

Me: good to know

Brazil: I had a good time last night :)

Me: me too

So that pretty much sums up our conversation on that topic. I just hope he doesn't still have feelings for her, or loose ends that he hasn't tied up concerning their relationship. Because I don't want to be his rebound, and I don't want to get in the middle of any drama. ((Sigh)) Should I be concerned?
I mean I understand where he's coming from, it's just....scary.


~J said...

Nah.. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Everyone has baggage, some just more recent than others. If you really do like him, stick with it. Don't run off just yet.. not until he gives you a reason to.

K said...

I hate to say it but I'd be pretty concerned. It doesn't sound like it was really a break up. It sounds like a fight. A major one, but still... just a fight. He still has feelings, and she probably still does too.

I would take a step back and distance yourself if I were you. Even if he doesn't go back to her, you are still definitely the rebound.

Anna said...

I would be cautious, but I don't necessarily think you should run away. At least he seems like he's making a real effort to be honest with you. However, if you get involved with him romantically and/or sexually at this point, it will be a rebound by definition! If that really bothers you, then maybe it's not worth it...but on the other hand, if you're both really honest with each other and take things slow, I don't think that the dreaded "rebound" has to ruin things.

Anonymous said...

Chances are that you could be the rebound, so maybe keep your guard up for a little while until you know whether or this will work out. But no need to intentionally mess things up yet either.

Ashley said...

Your life has been interesting lately, to say the least! Keep your head up, for sure, but try to move slow while having fun with him. Especially if he's good down under...wowzers!