Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Home Again

Well I am home at last! My sleep schedule is totally thrown off now due to the early mornings and the time change in Orlando. So I woke up on my own this morning at 9:30! I know that probably doesn't seem very early to you guys, but I'm a bartender, remember? Lol.

So anyway, Matt has kept in touch with me intermittently over the past week. I've been letting him make the first move each time, so he's always the first to text me, and I just respond. But yesterday I sent him a funny picture of Ron Swanson (we both ♥ Parks & Rec). Then like 5 hours later, he sent me another funny picture back, and I wrote something like, "Omg that's awesome." And he hasn't responded since.

On Saturday, when Lexi and I were at Disney World, he texted me saying he was going to stop by my bar the night before, but then remembered I was at Hogwarts. Lol. So I told him I would be back Tuesday. So he definitely knows I'm home. I'm hoping maybe I'll get to see him today, but I'm not going to hold my breath. The ball is in his court now.

As for Brazil, we're still talking, even though he's been getting on my nerves a little bit over the past couple weeks. I don't want to take any of our conversations too seriously, since they're all just facebook chat, and a lot can get lost in translation. Plus it's often hard to tell when someone is joking or being serious via text as opposed to actually talking. So I'm not going to rule him out just yet. Anyway, I talk to him a lot more than I talk to Matt. And he actually told me he wants to take me out to dinner when he gets back. So hmmm... I just need to find out more about his background. Hopefully that won't be so hard once we're in the same country. He gets back on Sunday I'm pretty sure.

Well my trip was awesome! Lexi and I had so much fun! We got into all the parks for free, except Disney, because my Uncle works in the hotel industry and has so many connections! In fact, we could have gotten free Disney tickets too, but he just couldn't get hold of the guy who could get them. But the trip was great. It was Lexi's first real trip without her parents. She just finished her first semester of college. So I let her call most of the shots since it was my second trip to Harry Potter World. But we managed to do and see everything we wanted to. And of course, my Uncle said we are welcome back any time. And of course it was great meeting my new cousins! The baby is soooo adorable. The most happy, chill baby ever!

Speaking of babies, I talked to Izzie last night, and she told me she and her husband are trying to get pregnant again. OMg! Soon the rest of my friends will follow suit. It's hard to believe really. ((Sigh)) Well I don't envy any of them. I like kids, but they aren't for me. I just don't have that mothering instinct. I mean I like to play with them and stuff, but I don't have the patience, or the desire to put my own wants on hold for a kid. Maybe that's selfish, and maybe I'll change my mind someday, but I doubt it. Lol.

Well I'm gonna go be super productive and catch up on all the TV I missed this past week. LOL. Ciao!

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