Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just Girls!

AHHH! Today was so much fun! I went shopping with 2 girls from school, Katy and Sami. They were both in my photo class last semester. Then we went and ate afterwards. We had such a blast. We were at Nordstrom Rack, and we all picked out really shitteous outfits and made each other pose in them. Then we took photos. I felt like I was 17 again. Although, they are both 19 so maybe that's why. Lol. It might seem a little weird, me hanging out with girls that are almost 10 years my junior, but I am pretty immature for my age. LOL. But it was so nice to just go out and have fun with the girls. I miss doing that! And I got some realllly awesome steals today! I picked up this great pair of Carrera shades which I am now obsessed with (as seen on model below!) and a new pair of cords. So all in all, success!

Brazil texted me earlier, asking if I had any plans tonight. I told him I was shopping with the girls, but no plans later. He hasn't responded, but he's still in class for another...30 minutes? So we'll see if I hear from him again. I actually haven't seen him since that night he came over. We just keep missing each other I guess. But he's going to the hospital surgery to have a sound wave shock treatment done to one of his kidneys (he has kidney stones) so he said next week he would be taking it easy, and recovering, and that he should have plenty of time so we can "do something". Whatever that means. We shall see...
I gave my number to another really hot guy that came into the bar Saturday night. I mean really hot. Like maybe even too hot to not be a huge douche. But then he actually texted me! Like only two hours after I gave him my number!! So we texted back and forth a little bit, and basically came to the conclusion that we have completely opposite schedules and will never see each other again. Lol. Unless I get a Friday or Saturday night off. And I don't see that happening any time soon... ((Sigh)) Oh well. At least I'm putting myself out there. I guess all it takes is a little bit of flirting and a little bit of confidence. Guys dig that shit. Well I gotta go practice piano now. Toodles!

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