Tuesday, January 3, 2012

FML Right Now!

I'm really pissed. For one, I've been trying since November to get my shift covered at work this Friday night. But NO ONE will take it, because Warren's band is having a show that night and everybody wants to go. But I'm leaving for Orlando tomorrow morning! So wtf am I supposed to do1!? UUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Second, I'm already getting irritated with Matt because he's just...I don't know, not being attentive enough? He sent me a text yesterday morning asking me if I was going to be working that night, cuz he was thinking of coming by. I told him yes I was working, and he should definitely come in. I didn't hear from again, but much later, when I was actually at work, and I was bored out of my mind, I text him again. I just said something, "Hey are you still planning on swinging by cuz there's like 2 people at the bar right now and I'm really bored!"

A couple hours later, he responded with, "If you haven't noticed by now I'm quite possibly the world's worst texter. I put my phone down to cook and attempt to fix my place up, which resulted in drinking beer and talking with my neighbors."

I waited about 45 minutes before responding, because I didn't want to seem too needy. But i said, "Haha well you should come drink beer and talk to me instead."

No response.

At 8:30 this morning, when I was obviously, fast asleep, he wrote me again. "See I passed out at like 10 last night to get up at 6. My friend said he saw you however and that you looked bored out of your mind."

I didn't even bother responding to this one till like 3pm. Lol. I slept till noon, and then I was doing stuff. But I said, "Your friend was there last night? I WAS bored out of my mind!"

And so far, I haven't gotten a response and it's been just over 2 hours. Am I overreacting? I know I have a tendency to do that, but I just can't tell if he's blowing me off, or just trying to keep me on the backburner, or if he's just busy, or what! I just don't know! I mean if he wanted to blow me off, why text me at all? Why tell me he wanted to come see me at the bar?
But if he is interested, why doesn't he just write back? It takes like 2 seconds to write a text message! I have all these conflicting thoughts flying through my head right now and on top of the mood I'm already in, it's driving me crazy.

Plus, I'm leaving tomorrow. ((Sigh))


A said...

i think you need to chill out, big time. he already said he's a bad texter, most guys are not immediate responders, anyway. so don't freak out that he's blowing you off, just take it at face value. he initiated the texting and has a life outside of wondering where you are.

dont worry.

as for work, that sucks, majorly. why didnt you tell your boss that you couldn't be put on the schedule before?

Peyton said...


You really have no idea how much better it makes me feel to hear you say that! I KNOW I need to chill out, but it's good to hear it from someone else. Someone who is somewhat non-biased anyway. Lol.
As for work, we don't have a "request off" system. We just have to get our shifts covered. It SUCKS. BUT, I just convinced someone to cover it for me so YAYY!!!
And also, I did hear back from Matt, 3 hours later. Lol.

~J said...

Ok.. take a deep breath lol

For some reason.. guys have like an allergy to responding to texts or phone calls in a timely manner. Or at least what we girls *think* is a timely manner. Though they say they aren't into 'games', they still are a little bit. They don't want to come off as clingy and text/call a girl often when they like her, so they play it cool like they AREN'T sitting there with a beer in hand thinking 'I really want to text her, see what she's doing'. And here we sit stressing about it cus he isn't calling/texting lol

But it really does seem like he's interested. He may be playing it safe and not wanting to rush things or get too close in fear of running you off. We girls can be so fickeled. If they guy texts all the time, he's clingy and annoying.. if he doesn't text/call enough he's an ass who plays games lol.

Honestly, though just chill and play it cool.. I'm sure he'll come around the more you get to know him and it's past that 'I just met you, and I really like you, but if I text too often will you think I'm a loser, annoying and clingy?' :)

Anonymous said...

Pleeeeeease play it cool. I've messed up a few new relationships cause I freaked over the texting thing. I'm friends with one of them now and he said I was totally cool or so he thought, until I called him out on the texting and it made me look cray! Haha so just relax guys honestly don't text the same as us

Anonymous said...

We been telling her to chill out since beginning of blog! Overthinks at times! But blog is fun to read....