Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Got The Blues

Alyssa and Russ had an engagement party and didn't even invite me. I mean, wtf!?? I've been friends with both of them since they first got together. It's not enough that she excluded me from the wedding party, but now she's excluding me from her engagement party??
I'm really, really hurt. She hasn't even called, or Facebooked me or anything. I'm almost at the point where I just wanna be like, "Fuck it" and delete her phone number, delete her from my FB friends, just...completely write her off. Because that's obviously what she's done to me.
How can people be like that??
My mom says I depend too much on my friends, and I should rely more on my family. I'm starting to think she's right. I just don't get it. I thought friends were supposed to be there for each other, no matter what. But apparently, I'm the only one who views friendship that way. You really can't count on anyone these days. No one but yourself. And that's just plain sad.
I mean, I still count Cecilia as one of my best friends, even though we hardly ever see each other. But I still see her as being in my wedding, if I ever get married. And she says the same of me. I wish Cecilia and I could hang out more. I really miss her. But she lives like an hour away, and has a daughter, and I work so much... ((sigh)) I wish I could ask her to the Superbowl. But she wouldn't be able to go anyways... She recently got laid off at her job, so I doubt she has money to blow, and then of course there's her daughter. But she's the hugest Colts fan. Lol. Seriously. So I know it would be lots of fun if she came with me. Ahhh, wishful thinking... I already decided I'm gonna ask my Dad anyway. Which reminds me, after I talk to Todd tonight, I have to call Law School. Should I let him give me an answer first, or should I just tell him I'm taking my Dad before he even says anything? He's pissin' me off, seriously. Izzie says his reluctance is because he thinks I like him, like him, and he's afraid I'll assume, or expect things if he comes. FUCKIN' STUPID! OMG. Get over yourself. I wish I could tell him that. But it's not even worth it.

Things with Bethany and I are starting to get back to normal...sort of. I mean I'm getting over it. But I don't think things will ever be the same as they were between us, because I kind of feel like I've finally seen her true colors. And my opinions of her have sort of...warped. She's very selfish. And I don't like that.
But anyway, I think I was just fed up with her before, but now that she's over her drama, I can talk to her without getting so frustrated I wanna scream. We went to the movies last night, with Ali. We saw It's Complicated. I didn't really wanna see that movie, but it's the one Ali picked, and I actually really liked it! It was hilarious! The kids were horrible actors though. And Jim from The Office seemed like he was trying a little too hard. Poor guy. He will always just be Jim from The Office.

Speaking of The Office, I should probably get back to work. Any advise about Alyssa??


Anonymous said...

Law Student- - since he iswishey washy just say "I am taking my dad since I haven't heard from you etc etc." Plain and simple. If he comes back with a positive then rethink it.

Colts LOL - that's were your friend plays.

Alyssa - thats a hard one. You have a right to feel bad. Call her and say "hey heard about your engagement party hope you have fun wish I was there" or something like that.

Anonymous said...

The Alyssa thing sounds fishy. Do you know the girls in her bridal party? Maybe she decided to do a small family thing. I would check on that before you jump to conclusions.
If that's not the case then she doesn't seem like a very loyal friend. Engagements/Weddings are one of the most exciting times and she should want to share it with the ones close to her. Esp since you've been there through the course of her relationship!
I wouldn't be passive aggressive like the advice above. I would investigate the situation and either call a bitch out or write her off because she doesn't seem like a very reliable friend that will have your back in the long run. Or maybe good girlfriends just aren't her priority. Either way, it's her loss.

i've been in this situation before, can you tell?


adri said...

anon - not necessarily (re: the colts). her friend is allowed to be a fan of the other team. they live in texas, not indiana. i think itd be more likely for them to be saints fans than colts fans, but since its not like its the cowboys playing, it could be one or the other. i dont see the harm in saying the names of the teams bc hello its the superbowl - everyone knows what two teams made it!

ahhhh i know exactly how you feel about alyssa. ive had the same issues with some friends, and its gone back and forth and back. i demand a lot from my friendships, and i think you do too. and i think its only fair. friends are the family you choose, ya know. and if they cant support you and be there for you then they suck ass and it hurts like hell bc youre not friends with the whole world, you picked them, ya know?

idk what you should do. ive done both - confront and just let it go, and they both hurt like hell, esp when you confront and the answer hurts as much if not more than no explanation at all. if you are okay with letting things go, and losing that friendship (which it seems like she has already decided that for herself) then you could always write an email or something being "i heard about your engagement. i just wanted to wish you well and hope you have a good life." you could add something about her leaving you out, it would be totally passive aggressive, or you could just be straight aggressive, but its a hard situation. im a passive aggressive person bc this way they know theyve hurt you and who cares if they feel like an ass, but then you have to be prepared for them to respond with *@&#(@#( in response, or be prepared for them to be like "god shes so passive aggressive blah blah blah. suuucky situation. sorry dude :(

Anonymous said...

about LS - u did tell him that your sister has first dibs on the ticket.....have u verbalized to him that ur sister is unable to go?? if you havent done that, then that is perhaps why he is not pushing on you to join....u stressed to him a lot that it was ur sister that would be going if she was available.....just a thought.....

umm to Anon - I'm pretty sure she just made that comment about the Colts and pointing out her friend is a fan because umm they are in the superbowl - not implying that's who her friend plays for.....

as for alyssa - send a congrats on ur engagement card - see what happens afterwards - if you get blown off from being invited to the wedding then i guess you know where your friendship stands - perhaps family thru the party and never consulted who should be invited, maybe?!?