Monday, January 25, 2010


Well everything ended up working out fine with my bartending job. Here is my final draft that I sent to Mr. S. and Mr. P.:

I'm sending this email to you guys so that I can discuss something that may or may not have gone unnoticed. I enjoy working at [my bar] and believe that for the most part you guys take care of us and watch out for us in good intentions. However, I have requested not to work on Sundays because Sundays are my only day off to RELAX and do things that I really need take care of, that I'm not able to do during the week. However, I am scheduled for this Sunday at 2. I do realize that there are 2 specific games this weekend that will contribute to a busier than normal Sunday, and I will work, and not complain. I just hope that when scheduling was done, it was taken into account that some of us do work Monday morning and will need to be out at an earlier time prior to the games being completed.
Secondly, I would like to bring to your attention the fact that I would really like the opportunity to pick up a shift or 2 at one of the other bars. Mr. S., I have tried asking you about this several times, but you're always too busy, or I get brushed off, or completely ignored. Am I being punished for something?? Because it's starting to feel that way. I mean, look at the facts: Ali, Aaron, Brandon, Sierra and Taryn ALL pick up shifts at the other bars. And 2 of those people haven't even been working for this company as long as I have. I just don't get it. Maybe this has just never occurred to you before, so I'm bringing it to your attention. I mean, I work hard, I'm always on time, I don't no call/no show, which is more than I can say for a lot of people that are currently working at [-]. I understand that business is not as busy as in previous years, however I'm now back to getting 10pm shifts every Saturday. I know I have a day job now, but so do Ali and Aaron. And their shifts don't seem to be suffering.
I mean, obviously I want to work at [-], and I enjoy it; you all are like my second family. If that was not the case, I would have quit when I started this new job. And I don't know if you guys realized this, but I'm looking at working 65 hours this week, with NO day off.

Anyways, my whole point to this email is, I just kind of feel like I've been swept under the rug. And I just don't want to be filed away with those who are new and incapable. So if somebody could please give me some answers, I would really appreciate it.



Mr. P. wrote back almost immediately, and his response was exactly what I was hoping for. Here it is:

When you left those couple months, you lost all seniority! You are now bottom of the barrel, and we will continue to treat you like garbage, since you now work for [insert new job here]. Haha. I am of course kidding. Yes I will move you around on occasion. Kind of just forgot about it. The 10pm's are because we know you have a day job, and figured you wanted to keep this part-time, so the less hours the better. Thanks for working this Sunday, we need everyone, and don't worry, we will get the day job people out as soon as possible.

Anything Else Harry Potter?**

Mr. P

**Harry Potter is one of the many nicknames Mr. P. has given me. Lol. I don't think an explanation is necessary.
Anyways, he and I bantered back and forth via email for a while, but I'm glad I brought that to his attention, because next Saturday, I'm working at the Washington bar! Yay! Finally! It'll be a nice change of scenery! I just need to go over there sometime this week and familiarize myself with their computer system.

As for my day job, it's been reallllly busy! We have all these new projects to work on. And by we, I mean Veronica and I. So at least I have someone to help me! And just to clarify, I do my job here, and I do it well. I don't fuck around all day. It just seems that I manage my time a lot better than my boss does. He's inexperienced in his current position. I mean he's nice and everything he's just kind of...vague. I mean Veronica has only been here a couple weeks and she's already noticing it! He assigns us tasks, but doesn't fully explain what it is he wants done! So half the time we're just like....uhhhh...??? You know?? So when I made that comment in my last post about him asking me where were on a project, the reason I couldn't give him an adequate answer is because never told us we had to do anything else! He asked us to make a spreadsheet, we made it, then he never said anything else about it! So me and Veronica thought that was it!
Anyways, just thought I'd clarify.

And now, for the moment you've all been waiting for...
The Superbowl.
Not sure sure if I'm going yet, but I'm going to call Todd on my way home from work. I don't wanna count my chickens before they hatch, but things are looking up!! :D
That's all I can say for now.

As for Law School, I don't think I'm gonna take him if I do go. He's just too...wishy washy. I mean if he really wanted to go, he'd be all over it. And he's not. He's just...I dunno. I think I'm gonna take my Dad. Maybe. I mean I know he'd love to go, it's just....I'm gonna be partying, and staying out till all hours of the night, and what if I meet a guy or something??
So with all that going on, I don't wanna be sharing a hotel room with my DAD. And I can't really afford to get one by myself. There's still the option of staying with Reese and her boyfriend. But she hasn't said anything to me about it since that weekend, and I feel kind of awkward asking. I mean cuz I don't know her that well. But we'll see...

Well that's all I have time for today. Back to work!

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