Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Win

Well once again, I had entirely too much fun this weekend! Melissa picked me up around 4am after I got off work. I slept most of the way, while she drove. We got there around mid morning, and did a little shopping. Melissa wanted to get a team shirt to wear. I got a really pretty necklace with the team's logo on it. I love it. Then we went to the hotel to meet up with Todd.
He and I went to the front desk together, since he had already reserved a block of rooms. Originally, Melissa and I were going to share a room with Todd and Laura, but 2 of Todd's friends from Miami ended up sharing their room, so we got a room all to ourselves! So we got our room keys, and headed upstiars to shower and nap. As we were walking down the hall, I noticed our room was at the very end of the hallway. Like, a corner room.

"Wow, this must be a really nice room!" I said.

We opened the door and found ourselves in a suite of some sort. It had 2 rooms inside of it!

"Why is there $5 on the table?" I said, as we walked in the door.

"Who's jacket is that?" Melissa pointed to the couch.

"Uhh...maybe we are sharing a room with somebody. Hello??" I called.

"Yes! Who's there??" Came a woman's voice from the bedroom.

"It's Peyton." I said.

"Don't come back here! Are you delivering the food?" The voice said.

"Uh...no..." Melissa said.

"Well don't come back here! I'm not dressed!" The woman shouted frantically. "Honey, put your clothes on!" She said to someone else.

Melissa and I exchanged confused looks.

"Are you with Todd's party?" I asked.

"No! Don't come any closer!"

Now we were really confused. Finally, a woman walked out of the bedroom. She looked a bit frazzled, and was tying the belt on her robe.

"Who are you!?" She asked accusingly.

"Well...this is our room...I think." I said.

"Noooo, I'm pretty sure it's not! This is our room!"

"Hmm...well they gave us these keys, and they opened this door..."

I showed her the envelope with the room number written on it.

"Well this is a mistake!" The woman said.

"We are so sorry!" Melissa looked mortified. "Well go downstairs and ask them."

We picked up our things and started to head towards the door.

"Oh, I am going to call the front desk right now!" The woman said haughtily.

She practically shooed us out of her room.

"We totally just walked in on them doing it!" Melissa said, her mouth agape.

I laughed.

"That is so weird. I can't believe they gave us the keys to someone else's room!"

So we went down to the front desk and I explained to them what happened, and how completely disgraced we both felt at having walked in on a naked couple! The woman at the desk was very apologetic and gave us a coupon for a free meal for 2 at the hotel restaurant. When we finally got to our actual room, which was not as big as the other one, but still nice, and with an amazing view, Melissa went straight to bed, and I got in the shower. After we were both rested and ready to go, we met up with Todd's family and friends in the lobby, and headed over to the game. It was awesome! I got to know all of Todd's friends, one of whom is a girl named Reese, who was super cool. She was funny and outgoing and sarcastic like me, so of course we got along great! She even offered to let me stay at her place in Miami if Todd's team makes it to the Superbowl! WOOHOO!
And of course they won, and then we went to dinner, and out for drinks afterwards, where we hung out with some of the players...it was ridiculous. Melissa actually went back to the hotel after dinner cuz she was so tired. But I was kind of relieved actually, because I figured she wouldn't be able to make it through the entire night, and I didn't want to have to leave early on her account. So I just went by myself. Todd and Laura and the couple staying with them left the club around 1am, cuz Todd had workouts in the morning, and then it was just me the guys! Eight of Todd's college friends came to watch the game. I already knew 2 of the guys, Brendan and Andrew, from when Melissa and I went to watch Todd's college ballgame.
And I had an interesting conversation with one of them about Todd and Laura. Obviously, it bothers me to see Todd and Laura together, but I never let it show. And as much as I like Todd, I respect him, and the fact that he's in a relationship, no matter how unmatched they are, and I would never do anything to disrupt that. But I was very observant of a lot of things.
First of all, Todd doesn't really seem that into her! I mean, she's all over him most of the time, and he reciprocates, but he never initiates. He didn't even sit with her at dinner! He just doesn't act like a crazy in love guy would act. And I've seen how sweet and affectionate Todd can be. But he's not that way with Laura. And then there's the fact that Laura's mother is certifiably insane! She was at the game too, and Todd's mom was cracking me up saying things like, "That woman is out of control! I don't even know why she's here! I didn't invite her!"
But really, she's crazy! She tries to act like one of the gang, always hanging out with the younger crowd, but she just comes off as a creepy, annoying hasbeen. And that is definitely not lost on Todd, or the rest of his family. Abd then there's the fact that Todd has decided to move back to Dallas for the offseason, instead of Houston, where his girlfriend lives!! I mean...why would he choose to live in another city, when he could just as easily be with her!? Something's just not adding up.
So anyways, I was talking to Todd's friend, Brendan, about it. Not about me liking Todd (I'd rather keep that info to myself as of right now), but just about how he doesn't seem that interested in Laura anymore. And Brendan agreed. He said he thinks Todd just doesn't know how to be alone, and that he'd rather just stay in a relationship and not deal with the drama of a breakup and risk his performance with the team. I had never thought about it like that before. So maybe he'll break up with her during the off season...?? Who knows. But I'm going to wait for him. As long as it takes.
Todd offered me tickets to next week's game as well, but I told him to give them to my parents. Cuz they reallly wanna go, and I really need to save money if they make it to the Superbowl. Reese was telling me how ridiculously expensive everything in Miami is! But I really hope they make it!! I wanna go so bad! Sophie's not sure she'll be able to go now, but I really hope she can. If she can't, I guess I'll just go solo! Oh well. I'm sure it will be a blast!


Jen said...

OMG.. that little hotel fiasco had me in stitches! I would have LOVED to of been a fly on the wall there. LMAO!! Anyway, glad you had a great time.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha, oh wow. I've never heard of that happening before. I'd be furious if that happened to me, especially if I was in the middle of "something". Lol. You should update us on your photography and how your mom has been doing. :)
(Thanks for posting frequently!)

adri said...

oh man! i totally got it wrong what team i thought todd played for, but now i am 100% sure i know! THATS SO AWESOME you got to go to that game! they are doing awesome this year :)

sooo glad you had a great weekend :)

and WOW how does the hotel mess up like that??? hilarious & awkward that you walked in on them like that hahah!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I looked up the "roster" for the colts, jets, saints & vikings and not one todd on any of the rosters.

What gives? Am guessing the colts or vikings.

adri said...

anonymous, she specifically said that she wasnt using todd's real name because of his famous-ness, same reason she wasnt saying what team he's actually on.

Jennifer said...

Ha, I looked up the Vikings too, didn't look up any other teams though, I only knew the Vikings had played cause the couple I nanny for are huuuuge Vikings fans so my husband watched the game so he could talk about it with them. lol