Friday, January 15, 2010

Just Can't Wait!

Ok, first of all, I did not make up this whole thing with my dog just so I could get close to Brandon again. That's fucking ridiculous. And I did finally talk to him, and he agreed to do it, and we had a 5 minute conversation, which ended on a good note. He's going to stop acting like an asshole and being so weird around me at work!
So that's the end of that. And I haven't really talked to him since. He did text me once, asking me to send him a picture of Jasper, and I did. The end.
So tonight, Melissa and I are leaving to go to Todd's game. I'm so excited!!! I really need this weekend away. The beginning of my week started out pretty horrible. On Tuesday, some guy hit my car AS I WAS TURNING INTO WORK!! Ugh... But it was his fault, so he has to pay for it. It sucks though, cuz I had to get a shitty rental car. Good thing Melissa's driving tonight, and not me! The other good news is, I ordered Todd's jersey online this past Sunday, and I was just hoping against hope that it would get here in time. And I just checked the tracking online, and the package got to Houston this morning!! So it looks like I'll be sporting Todd's number at the game tomorrow. WOOHOO!!
As far as guys go, at the moment, I have none. And at first, I was a little sad about it, but now, I just don't care! Gavin was recently spotted canoodling with his ex, and Law School and I haven't talked since last Thursday. So, oh well. I'm just not gonna worry about it, and I'm determined have a good time! At that shouldn't be too hard this weekend!
Work has been rather crappy lately, but Mary (the girl who sits next to me) and I have really hit it off. And I actually like the new girl too. Her name is Veronica. Us 3 girls have been gabbing it up during lunch, and sharing half gallons of ice cream. Haha. At this rate, I'm definitely gonna need to start exercising more! Oh well. My boss has kind of been pissing me off though. He always waits till the last minute when he needs to turn something in to his boss, to delegate something to me and Veronica, and when he hands me projects, he waits till like the very end of the day! And then he expects me to finish them before I leave!!! It's sooooooo annoying!
Today, Veronica and I were frantically working on this spreadsheet, which required lots of research, data collection, and cross referencing, while he stood over us, telling us to hurry. But he only gave us one hour to do it!! And I knew it was because he was supposed to turn it in to Sara at 10am. So then he just hands off our work to her, and says it's his. Ugh. Is that really the way bosses are supposed to be?? That just doesn't seem right, or fair. I mean, I know delegation is a major part of their job, but they could at least give us these assignments in a timely manner. ((Sigh)) Anyways, my lunch break is almost over, so I better get back to work.
I really can't wait for tomorrow!!!


Anonymous said...

when i started to read this post i had to go back and read the comments from the last one to see why it started the way it did. people are f'ing ridiculous. peyton you are nice enough to share this blog with us and for people to incinuate that you made that dream up to get close to brandon again- for real?! who wants to make up such a terrible dream to get closer to someone.... or for any reason for that matter! i wish for you that you could block certain people from reading this blog, and i'm sure you wish that too. they're all haters... have fun this weekend and thanks for sharing your PERSONAL blog with the thankful readers.... :)
go todd and whichever team he plays for (i think i figured it out)

adri said...

SO JEALOUS that you get to go to the game this weekend! i'm 99% positive i know what team todd plays for and even though i am not a fan of them, i hope you have an awesome time! and i hope todd plays & plays well :)

as far as your boss, it seems sort of sketch. and really annoying. idk how to go about it. maybe you could shoot him an email over the weekend or something and be like, "i was hoping in the future you could give us our assignments a little earlier in the day because i want to make sure i do a great job and if i only have an hour to do it im worried it wont be top notch." or something to that effect... i do think he should give the work you guys do to his boss by saying "here's what we did". that would be a lot nicer, but maybe his boss knows that you guys already work on it or something. idk :-/

HAVE FUN!!! im so so jealous haha

Anonymous said...


What game did you go to on Saturday? I forgot who he plays for and too lazy to try and read back.

Hope you had fun...not sure though what side.

K said...

You're so lucky that you got to go to the game!! It was incredible! I can't wait to hear all about it! Let's hope they make it to the Super Bowl. That would be phenominal!