Friday, January 29, 2010

Crazy Week Ahead

OMG! My schedule next week is literally insane. Check it out:

2pm - NovaLash appt (I'll explain later)
5pm - photography client meeting

4:30pm - Waxing appt
6pm - PACK!

5pm - Tanning
6pm - PACK!

5pm - Nails
6pm - Finish packing, go to parents house, drop off dog

6pm - GO TO MIAMI!!

And of course I'm also working my day job on all of those days... Ugh...
So, about the lash appt. A friend of a friend works for NovaLash, and they need models in a couple of weeks for some event, and they're offering free lashes in exchange for the modeling!! And I figured, PERFECT! I'll have nice long lashes for Miami, and they're FREE!! It's gonna be so cool! I have so much stuff to do next week, ahhh!!
Tomorrow I gotta go look for a dress. I'm kind of dreading that. And Sunday, I'm supposed to be spending the day with Cecilia and Presley. I miss her, and we're planning on going to the beach, if the weather permits. Obviously not to SWIM, but just to hang out and catch up. This weekend, I definitely need to start packing. I would do it today, but I'm so exhausted I know I'm gonna crash as soon as I get home from work! I stayed up wayyyy too late last night reading Dear John. Really good, but really depressing. I HATED the ending. It just made me cry! Ugh, I hate that. That's why I don't usually read Nicholas Sparks. His books always make me cry. But I saw the previews for Dear John and The Last Song, and they looked so good, I just bought the books. I've been reading maniacally lately. It calms my nerves, and takes my mind off things. I've been thinking a lot lately about stuff...i.e. Todd. ((sigh))

So Laura is going to the Superbowl. I mean I should have known. Did I mention I'm going alone to Miami?? Todd was only able to get me 1 ticket. I never called Law School either. The more I think about that whole situation, the more pissed off I get. I feel like I'm losing the small amount of patience I used to have. It's like my tolerance for people is completely gone! Ughhh... Well it's not like he's tried to contact me either. And after all this, any residual feelings I may have had for Law School are completely gone. In fact, I'm glad nothing happened between us, because he's...DUMB! Just...AHHH so frustrating! Sometimes I feel like I just wanna call him out, and tell him I know why he's acting so fucking lame, and to get over it. But whatever. I'm not gonna call him.
So anyways, I'm getting to Miami a day earlier than everybody else. Except Todd and his parents, and probably Laura. I'm going to be staying with my mom's cousin, Maria. But I'm kind of hoping maybe Pete will let me crash in his hotel room if we're all out super late. Cuz Maria lives about 30 minutes away from the stadium. We'll see... So I may be spending Friday night by myself, or with my 2nd cousin. Brenden, Andrew and Pete are all getting there Saturday. And Todd has curfew that night, but I'm sure the rest of us will go out. Then there's gonna be a huge tailgating party Sunday during the day. It's gonna be fun! I just hope I'll have enough money saved up! Hopefully the bars do good tonight and tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Just a warning, the eyelash extensions are not a good idea unless you plan to replace/maintain them. After awhile they start falling out (that's when you need to refill them) but if you can't afford the upkeep they will look patchy and OBVIOUS. this happened to me and it was so embarrassing, people finally caught on. I couldn't get them replaced so I went in to get them removed and the glue pulled out tons of MY eyelashes.
what im trying to say is, you will look great at the superbowl, but not so great later. do what you want, but i've learned for special events just to stick to the adhesive ones.

B said...

Have fun in Miami...and good for you for sticking to your guns and not bothering w/Law school..his loss!

and if they need more models for the lashes let me know...I so need eyelashes =)

Karen said...

ooh girl I am soo excited for you sounds like fun, can't wait for all of the details

Anonymous said...

Wow...Yep alot. I am lucky. My haircut place is also a tanning and waxing and nail place right next door. Yay!! Get em all done within 2-3 hrs not bad..

Tell us more on Novalash after SB. That's kinda cool.