Monday, February 1, 2010


Ever been woken up from a deep sleep, in the dead of night, to the sounds of someone violently banging on your front door??

Cuz I have! Last night I went to sleep around 10:45. I'd been sleeping for about an hour when it started. Jasper started barking of course, and I was startled into consciousness. Whoever it was, was banging incessantly, and ringing the doorbell in rapid succession. I looked at the clock. Midnight. Who the hell would be coming over at midnight?? I was afraid to go to the door and see who it was. They were still banging, hard! Then I heard the door knob rattle and turn, as someone tried to open the door. Alright now I was really scared. I was clutching Jasper's nose, holding his mouth shut so he wouldn't bark. For some reason, I didn't want them to hear me. I grabbed my phone and began to panic. My visitor was still trying to force the door open.
Who can I call?? I have...no one!
My first thought was Brandon, but I quickly talked myself out of that. As distraught as I was, there was nothing he could do, even if he was willing. Then I thought of my parents, but they're too far away.
Nick!! I suddenly thought, Not only does he live about a block away, but he's a police officer!!
I quickly dialed his number. The banging had temporarily subsided, but I was still shaking.
When he picked up the phone, I could tell he was out somewhere.
"Can you go someplace quiet, it's important!" I said.
"Yea, one sec." He said.
The line finally went silent.
"What's up?" He asked urgently.
"There is somebody banging on my door and trying to get into my apartment." I said, "I'm afraid to leave my room to go see who it is!"
"No, stay in your room. Call HPD."
"Just hang up the phone with me, and call HPD, they'll run a Code 1 and be out there really quick, I promise. Just tell them some one's trying to break into your apartment."
"Ok." I said. The banging had started again, and I heard a man's voice.
"Alright, call me back after you call them, ok?"
"Ok." I said, and I hung up the phone, trembling.

Then I dialed 9-1-1. I told the operator everything, and gave her my address and phone number. She said someone would be out right away. The guy was still banging on my door. In a rush, I jumped out bed and went to my underwear drawer. I began rummaging around under my bras. I was afraid to draw attention to myself by turning on the light.
Where is it!?!
Finally my hand closed around something cool and heavy. My handgun. I sighed with relief and made a mental note to move it to a spot closer to my bedside. Then I grabbed Jasper, got back in bed, pulled the covers up to my neck, and put the gun in my lap, and waited. The banging had stopped again, but now I heard sawing.
Omg omg omg, was all I could think. He's trying to saw his way through the door!

I didn't hear sirens, but I saw the blue lights flashing through my window. Nick was right, they were fast. A few minutes later, I heard someone knocking, not banging, at my door. I slipped the gun under my pillow and locked Jasper in the bathroom. Then I cautiously went to the door. I peeked through the blinds just to make sure it was really the police. It was.

Then I opened the door. Most of the conversation is fuzzy, but there were 4 or 5 officers, 2 of them were women. And there was the maintenance guy. THE FUCKING MAINTENANCE GUY! I was so livid. Why the fuck would he be banging on my door like a crazed psychopath at 12am on a Sunday night! I WAS SLEEPING! And he literally SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME!! Not to mention, the cops treated me like I was just another dumb girl, calling the police because I heard a bird outside my window or something.
Apparently the people in the apartment below me had a leak, and he wanted to see if it was coming from under my kitchen sink. WHICH IT WASN'T! And when he asked if he could come up and check, I was like, "Seriously?? I have to get up at 5:30, can't this wait till the morning??" And one of the female cops said something really rude along the lines of, "Obviously it's important, it'll just take a second, and wouldn't you want your neighbors to do the same for you??" It was just the way she said it. Condescending. And of course she acted annoyed with me.
So alllll 6 of them came in! And I haven't exactly had a chance to clean during my 13 straight days of working. Ugh... So of course, the maintenance guy determined that the leak was NOT coming from my apartment. And then this guy cop says to me, in a rude, patronizing way,
"Ok well he can either turn of your water now, and figure out what the problem is, or you can wait till tomorrow and not have water to take a shower in the morning. But if you wanna take a shower tomorrow, he might have to come back in your apartment."
He spoke to me as if I was a child. I was too shaken up to defend myself.
"...Ok..." I said.
"Ok well you just call us again if you get scared." He said, sarcastically.
I wanted to slap the disdain and superiority off his face.
Hello?!?! I'm a single woman, who lives alone! I was dead asleep and it's midnight! How the fuck was I supposed to know it was the fucking maintenance guy!? It's not like I was expecting anyone!! And no one has ever banged on my door like that before. It literally sounded like he was trying to knock the door down! I mean, he banged on the door so hard, he scratched some of the paint off!!

As soon as I got back in bed, I called Nick. He had tried to call me a couple times, but I was too busy with the cops to answer. I told him what happened, and explained how rude the cops were.

"They shouldn't have done that. I mean, you live alone, and you're....they just shouldn't have done that." He said.

"Yea well...thanks for helping me out." I said.

"No problem. Call me if you need anything." He said.

Thank God for Nick. ((Sigh))

When I laid down, I stared up at my ceiling, and hugged Jasper close. Then I sobbed.
How easy it was for someone to rattle my cage, to make me feel unsafe. I have never felt so alone. So vulnerable.
I hardly slept a wink. I started at every single sound I heard. And my apartment faces the street, so there are a lot of sounds. ((Sigh))
Today when I get home, I'm heading straight to my apartment office and bitching somebody the fuck out.
How would you feel?? What would you do?? I mean, the maintenance guy apologized for scaring me, but I don't know what else to do. And that was completely uncalled for. I don't want anybody banging on my door at midnight unless the place is on fire! I have literally never been that scared in my life.


Jen said...

Omg! I would definately go bitch to the office. The maint. guy could of atleast yelled, identifying himself. I don't blame you, I would have freaked out as well! Lucky for him, he didnt get shot! There was no need to bang SO hard to scratch of the paint. Make sure you tell them HE did that, just incase whenever you move they try to make you pay for it.

Nic said...

Who bangs on someone's door at midnight? And if you could hear him bang the door, why can't he scream maintenance?

The police officers were def rude and you can file a complaint with them too.

Hope you're able to sleep tonight.

Anonymous said...

i would def file a formal complaint with your apt complex AND the police officers. the fact they both seemed to treat you like you overreacted is ridiculous! if i were you i would have had a heart attack! hopefully it doesn't affect your sleep :(


Anonymous said...

The cops were condecending because you were wasting their time. The guy obviously wasn't going to get into your apartment, all you had to do was look through the peep hole or ask who it was and the problem wouldn't be solved.

You really seem like you love drama. Everything needs to be as exciting as possible. While there isn't anything insanely wrong with that, when you're involving law enforcement I think that's an issue.

Anonymous said...

Immediately when chit like that happens "911" don't think of anyone else "period".

He should have said maintenance guy too. Yep, complain to your landlord's, take "picture" of your door immediately and call the cop's supervisor.

It's all documented here as well. Good luck! Yes, in 80s knock on our door 2am..was a neighbor (we didn't know) all bloody two houses away. wtf? Never did ask why she came to our house for help. And yes, they still live there and we do too. ODD......

adri said...

wow. anon 11:34, totally uncalled for.

i would have freaked the fuck out if i lived alone. why didnt he yell MAINTENANCE or something? the cops were such douche-bags, wtf. you even called your friend, A COP, before you called them, its not like it was your first instinct, ya know?

def. agree with the others - complain to your apt complex office, and idk about complaining to the police, i feel like when you go file a complaint they'll be bigger jerks to you. i know my friends and i have experienced that when trying to file a complaint after a cop was a total douche to us.

but, a handgun!? ive never seen a gun in real life well except on like a cop's belt or whatever, so that just seems scary to me. be careful with that thing!!

hope you sleep better tonight. but seriously, what maintenance person goes to do work at midnight?? I know in the two apts ive lived in, NEVER EVER has my maintenance guy ever done work that late! wtf.

K said...

Ok Anonymous (11:34am) obviously isn't a single woman living alone. Get the eff off this site if you have nothing nice to say. What an ass. You didn't overreact. I don't blame you for you freaking out!

Anonymous said...

I agree that Peyton is in love with drama... and should have checked the peep hole... but at the end of the day she called 911 and the cops had no right to treat her like she was stupid to have called. They are paid by our tax dollars and should behave accordingly.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't he call you first and let u know he was coming over? I mean...they have to have your contact information for emergencies. A water leak at midnight constitutes an emergency if they need access to apartments of sleeping people. I live with my hubby and two kids and I STILL wouldn't open the door to such rude knocking without a call unless there was some sort of identifying call or shout. We live in scary times people...get off her a$$!!!

KM said...

Yikes! that is scary :S I would have freaked too. Couldn't he have called you with some warning first??

DDgirl said...

it would have freaked the hell out of me!!!
Stop thinking about the cops (after all, the important thing is they were there quickly), and go on with bitching with the office!

B said...

OMG!! Yes that is an awful feeling...That happened to me a few years ago when I lived alone way out in Clear Lake...was woken up at about 11pm to the sound of someone banging on my door, I didn't go downstairs because I couldn't see out the peep hole. Don't know why I never called the cops, instead I called my family and my brothers raced over to my place, but by the time they got there the person was gone....very scary!! I did call the office and have them make a peep hole my size.

The cops & maintenance guy were out of line and I hope you have put in a complaint....

Anonymous said...

Ok I definitely have to agree with about almost every other person on here. To be awakened in the middle of the night by someone violently banging on your door has to be scary as hell and I don't even think I would be able to make my body move to the door to look out the peephole. I probably would have reacted the same way and not wanted to make a noise or movement for fear someone would know I'm in the house so I don't think it's ridiculous that you called the cops....that is what they are they for! They treated you rudely and had no right to do that given the situation. The maintenance guy definitely should have said who he was or called beforehand, that is just nonsense, and as a result he should be fired!