Thursday, February 11, 2010

I'm In Miami, Bitch!

Ok... Where do I start??
There is no way I can even begin to tell the story of this past weekend, so I'll just stick to the highlights.

Laura and I got along just fine in our hotel room. I actually didn't get to see Todd all that much till after the game. Friday night we went out, Saturday I was so hungover I had to sleep most of the day. Then Saturday we went out again, but I didn't drink. Then SUNDAY!!! Laura and I got up and got dressed. I put on Todd's jersey and put my hair in 2 low pigtails. Todd actually stopped by our room before the team left. I gave him a thank you card that said, "Thank you from the bottom of my butt..." on the outside, and "...Cuz it's a lot bigger than my heart" on the inside. Lol. Then I wrote a message inside telling him how much I appreciate everything he's done for me, and how much it means to me, and what a great friend he is. I told him that he's one of the most genuine, kind-hearted, caring people I know and that he deserves all the awesomeness that comes his way. He laughed at the funny message and thanked me for the card. So I know he liked it. Then I had him sign my jersey! Now it's worth milllllllions!! MUAHAHHAAA! jk..
After Todd left, we went to the tailgate party where we met up with Brendan, Andrew and Nico, Reese's boyfriend. Nico is from South Africa, and he has red hair and a cool accent. Lol. Anyway, so the tailgate was awesome, and there was TONS of food! From there we took buses to the stadium, with a police escort! It was so cool! They shut down the whole freeway for us! Once we got to the stadium, we walked around, bought programs and looked at the merchandise. It was literally like a fairgrounds out there. They had carnival rides, and games, and exhibits...it was nuts! When we got inside the stadium, Laura separated from the rest of us, since she was sitting with Todd's parents. Me and the 3 guys had seats by ourselves in a different section.
So the game was awesome, Todd had a very dramatic play! It was considered a turning point in the game! The halftime show was pretty cool I guess. I mean, I like The Who but I'm not a crazed fan or anything. Oh, and it was a little weird hearing the name "Peyton" over the loudspeaker so many times! Lol. After the game, we were all exhausted, and we piled back on our buses to head back to the hotel.
Andrew and I sat together, and inevitably ended up talking about Laura. Apparently Todd tried to break up with her a week ago, and she went apeshit. I guess she almost didn't even go to Miami! Andrew thinks Laura is completely nuts and that Todd needs to hurry up and dump her, because the longer he waits, the crazier she gets. So apparently, all the body language I've been reading from Todd has been spot on. It's not just all in my head!! Lol. And apparently, I'm not the only one who feels like Laura isn't right for Todd.

When we finally got back to the hotel, I rushed up to the room and jumped in the shower. Laura wasn't back yet, but she'd arrived by the time I got out. I dried my hair, and stuck it up rollers, and had started on my makeup by the time she got out of the shower. Then we rushed to finish getting ready. Me with my sparkly black shoes, and purple strapless dress, and she in a black drapey dress.
Then we headed to the ballroom.
The party was insane! There were 2 live bands (FAMOUS bands), an open bar, food, and tons of celebrities there! Reese and I chummed up, because Laura proceeded to get shamefully drunk. Both of us were kind of giving her sideways glances. Todd was off mingling with the other players, so none of us really saw him for the first hour. Then we all regrouped out by the bar, quite by accident. By this time, Laura was fucked 3 times towards the weekend. She had gone completely batty!! First, she walked up to me and slurred, "If Todd ever looks over here, or even notices me, will you take a picture of us?"
I gave her a startled, wide-eyed look and then grabbed Todd's arm.
"TODD! Picture!" I said as he whipped around. I quickly snapped their photo.
Then 10 minutes later, Laura walked over to me again and said, "Ohmygoshh...Todd's so over me. Hey, if we don't know each other next week, I just want you to know that I'm glad we kind of bonded and...and I know you'll always be friends with Todd since you guys are like...BFFs but I just want you to know that I'm glad we met and keep Todd humble, and..." She went on like this for a while.
I glanced at Todd nervously, hoping he wasn't hearing any of this, since he was standing like a foot away! Reese gave me a look like she'd already gotten the spiel. Then we both dragged Laura off to the bathroom. She continued to go on like this, apparently to each of Todd's friends. Reese tried talking some sense into her.
"Girl you need to get yourself together!! Do you see me and Nico?? Just ignore him! Act like it doesn't bother you!"
"It doesssnt matter... He'ssssgonna break up with mmeeeanyways." She slurred.
Reese and I exchanged meaningful looks.
"What are you talking about!" I said, "Snap out of it! We're at a Superbowl party, come on, let's go." And we left the restroom.
Laura wondered off somewhere after that, so Reese and I went to find the guys. We spent the rest of the night, chasing down people and taking photos, and drinking. And overall, we had an amazing time! When the party came to a close, we all decided we wanted Denny's. Lol. So all 7 of us headed downstairs to get a cab.

We were having trouble finding a cab that would fit 7 people, and were thinking we may have to take 2, when a limo pulled up. I mean, we were on a street corner, it wasn't like this limo was trying to pick us up. But Nico and Todd ran up to the window and asked the driver,
"Hey! How much to drive us all to Denny's?"
"Well how much are you wanting to spend?" The driver asked.
"Just tell us how much." Nico said.
"Uh...20 bucks?"

So we all piled into the limo to head to Denny's. Lol. How fucking random is that? Straight out of a scene from The Hangover. Lol. There was even an open bottle of champagne in the limo, which we drank. Lol.
When we got there, Laura went straight to the bathroom, and Reese followed. They were in there for quite a long time. All the guys kept looking at me and saying, "There's only one person at this table who can go in there..."
"I am not going in there! I know what's going on in there, and I'm sorry but I'm not going in there." I said.
When they finally came back, Laura looked red-faced. Reese sat down across from me and rolled her eyes. We took videos of our random, funny, drunken conversations at the table, and Todd bought us all breakfast. Lol. It was a wonderful nightcap.
Then we took separate cabs home, since me, Todd and Laura were going back to the hotel, and the rest of them were going to Reese and Nico's place. In the cab, Todd put his arms around both of us to keep us warm. It was freezing outside!
Then Todd came up to our room, instead of going to his. That felt a little awkward, but hey...we were all drunk so whatever. Todd got on the side of the bed that was on the inside, next to the lamp, which is in between the 2 beds, i.e. closest to me, and Laura threw a mini-fit about that.
"What are you doing?? You know I sleep on this side of the bed!"
"Uh...no you don't."
I pretended not to hear them and rolled over.
Next thing I knew, it was morning.

When I got back to Houston, I was exhausted, and now I'm coming down with something, since I haven't really slept in 4 days, and I spent all that time drinking and partying. Lol.
I haven't been able to stop thinking about Todd and Laura. I mean, I feel so bad for Todd, because clearly he doesn't want to be in that relationship anymore, but she makes it so difficult for him to get out! And I really wanted to talk to him about it, just as a friend, cuz you know, she could have really embarrassed him at that party Sunday night with her crazy talk and boozing. Ugh. But I just didn't wanna say something to Todd and have him think I was being catty, or that I had an ulterior motive. Because even though I do like him, I really just want him to be happy. And I can tell he's not happy with Laura. So last night I sent Andrew a Facebook message.
"Hey, so have you talked to Todd yet? About the whole Laura had a case of the crazies on Sunday night thing??"
I figured, since they're close, and Andrew feels the same way I do, that they had probably talked about it. This morning, he wrote me back. They broke up.

They broke up.

Todd is single!! Let's just hope it's for good this time.


Jen said...

YAY!! I knew you'd get something out of her this weekend! :)
I say go for Todd. But in a way that doesn't seem like you are just wanting to be the bounce back girl. Good luck!
Glad you had a great time.

Adriana said...

oooh. love you how didnt mention if he won or not. either way it was a good game :)

i say hold off on going after todd for awhile. i know guys usually check out of relationships before they actually break up, and it seems like he wanted to break up for awhile, but id still wait a month or so before trying to pounce and tell him about your undying love. but id totally b e there for him a friend way. that can always lead to more :)

glad you had fun! sooo jealous

Anonymous said...

sounds like a really fun weekend! I'm jealous..
I say just stay friends with Todd for now and see how things go. It's always complicated when it's a good friend.. don't want to screw that up.

Anonymous said...

biggest lesson in life when it comes to men.... if he wants to be with you.. he will come for you. Men aren't stupid.. if they are interested you will know it without a doubt. Please PLEASE don't chase him. Just be his friend and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

Wow at least that was settled and for the best.

Dramatic play, turning point..ummmm Saints, onside kick never happens at 3rd quarter unless the team really really behind in the last 5 min or so.
Glad you had fun....

Heather said...

Definitely let things happen organically. Don't rush it. He has to deal with this before he dates anyone else. You know this. Otherwise: you are just rebound to make him feel better. And that would get complicated considering your friendship. If it's supposed to be, it will happen in its own time.

autumn said...

i agree exactly with what anon said, if a man wants you he will go after you.

sounds like you had an amazing time! so jealous!

Jen said...

The only problem I see with waiting, is that I don't think Todd knows how she feels. With her not speaking up about it, he may not think she's an option and go for someone else to has made it obvious they like him. I'm not saying she needs to rush out and declare her undying love to him, but I do think she needs to let him know how she feels about him, and sooner than later before it's too late.

I mean, she can tell him that she's willing to give him time until he's ready for a relationship again and that there's no rush and that she will always be his friend, but that she just wanted him to know how she felt and that she'll always be there for him no matter what.

I just think sitting and waiting sometimes isn't a good thing. You wait around long enough and don't speak up, you get bypassed and may miss out on a great thing.

Good Luck Peyton, no matter what you decide to do. :)

Anonymous said...

We need an update soon! I say that you should just let Todd know that you heard what happened, and be there for him regardless. Eventually you'll know how he feels about you - he'll either remain your friend or he'll pursue you as something more. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

if he is interested in her he will make it clear to her.... why does she need to make it clear to him?? Good grief people.. he isn't stupid... if he wants her he will let her know.... she needs to not chase a guy for once!