Thursday, February 25, 2010

Not In The Cards For Me

1) If you wanna say something rude, go right afuckinghead. But don't be a PUSSY, and put your name to your comment!!! I fucking dare you.

2) The stories I post sometimes, are not merely exercises in creative writing, they're true! :) They're memories; things that have made a major impact on my life.

Moving on...
Todd called me Tuesday night and we talked. The good news is, he and are fine, and I feel really solid about our relationship. He's not going anywhere, and that will never change. He cares about me a lot, and he said we've known each other too long for him to feel weird or awkward around me, no matter what happens. And he said he was sorry for hurting my feelings.
The bad news is, he said he doesn't see me that way. He said he thinks I'm absolutely gorgeous, but he just sees me as a friend. And apparently we had a conversation about this right before the season started, but I was drunk and I don't remember. I have GOT to stop doing that! I feel so stupid. Ugh... So he said he thought I knew what his feelings were, and it was not his intention to hurt me. The other thing is, he and Jayme didn't go on a date Sunday night. They went out with a group of people. She just failed to mention that. She made it sound like it had just been the 2 of them, am I wrong?? I mean I pasted the text messages, exactly as she wrote them. And I told Todd that too.
And after we talked about our relationship and everything, he asked me about Jayme. And I basically said, "Look. When I heard you were interested in her, I talked to a couple friends, just to get some advice, and they all said the same thing: that I was obligated to tell you how crazy she is. That I had to warn you."
So I did. I told him that he's way too good for her. That last year, she would never have given him a second glance. Sure, she probably would have liked him, had they gotten to know each other, but she wouldn't have even bothered. She just likes him now because of what he has to offer. And I told him that she gets insanely jealous with all her boyfriends, and screams, yells, and hits them, and just...completely freaks out... And I didn't think he would want to deal with that. Bottom line is, he's too good for her. Wayyyyyy too good for her.

And it's true, Jayme and I aren't really friends, by definition. We are coworkers, who get along, and who have hung out together from time to time, and I have never bore her any ill will. And if the tables had been reversed, I never would have made the decision she made. I never would have even approached her guy friend, and asked him out, knowing what she knows about Todd and I, if she were in my position. But clearly, she doesn't hold that same regard for me, and that's just the way it is.

Also, she lied and exaggerated about the situation! She led me to believe that she and Todd went out on a date Sunday night, and that he had asked her out again. But really, it was a group of people who hung out Sunday, and really she was the one who asked him out! So I think maybe she just wanted me to think that he was really interested in her, so that I would feel guilted into giving them my blessing. ((Sigh)) Whatever. It's none of my concern anymore. I warned Todd about her, he knows I care about him as his best friend, and I'm very protective of him. And he's smart. He will come to see what everyone else already knows. It will never last.

I'm still pretty depressed that he says he could never see me in a romantic light. I mean, never?? How can you say never? Things can always change, right? ((Sigh)) But I'm not going to hold out hope, because that would be foolish. And I love him so much (as a friend) that even if it hurts like hell, I will always be his friend, and I will always stand by his side, and be there for him, no matter what. And I know, at least, that he does feel the same, in that respect.

But there was more to our conversation... When I told him that my friends had said I needed to warn him about Jayme, he asked me who had said that. Because Jayme had told him that some mutual friends of ours had been telling her not to worry about me, and to just go for it. And Todd said that even though he'd promise not to name any names, he thought that if the same people were talking to me and to Jayme, I deserved to know who they were, because obviously they aren't very loyal friends.

So I named the people I talked to: Izzie, Ben, Bethany, and Melissa. And apparently Melissa is the backstabber! I just couldn't believe it. She had always been a good friend to me. Why would she tell Jayme to not worry about me, and just go out with Todd??
Then I remembered the text message she had sent me earlier that day. This is what it said,

"Peyton, I know u r really upset & mad right now, but u and Jayme have never been good friends. Todd's a nice guy, do you really think she would let this opportunity pass her up? I'm just trying to be honest."

And while that's true, why would she say that to me?? All I needed from her was a friend to lean on, someone to listen. I didn't respond to her text, but when Todd told me that she had told Jayme not to worry, "because she's not going to be reasonable about this anyway", I was just crushed. I mean, she and Jayme aren't even friends!! They've gone to work out together a couple times, but they are friendly acquaintances, at best. Melissa is supposed to be my best friend! And I'm not saying she should take sides, I just think she should have stayed out of it! It wasn't her place to call Jayme and talk to her about my problems! She had nothing to do with it! And that's exactly what Todd said, "I can't understand why she wouldn't just mind her own business".

So Tuesday night, I went to a movie with Ali (When In Rome) and after the movie, I took a deep breath, and called Melissa. I just wanted to make sure and remain calm throughout the conversation. I didn't want a screaming match. So when she answered, I said my calmest voice,

"Are you somewhere where you can talk?"

"Yea, what's up?"

"Well...I'm really mad at you, and upset and hurt. I can't believe that you would reach out to Jayme, and tell her that she should just go ahead and date Todd, because I'm never going to be reasonable about it. I just can't fucking believe that you would stick your nose in where it doesn't belong, and undermine me like that. Why would you go out of your way to say that to her, when you're one of the few people who actually knows how I truly feel about Todd!?"

"First of all, how dare you cuss at me and talk to me like that! I did not reach out to Jayme or say those things! And you have no right to talk to me like that! If this is the way you're going to talk to me, then this is where our friendship ends!"

And she hung up on me.

I tried calling her back, but of course she didn't answer. And now, I was furious, and really hurt. She didn't even offer to explain herself, she just got mad, and her first reaction was to end our friendship! WTF!!?? Now I know how Tim must feel ALL THE TIME. Not to mention, she knows better than to take offense to me cussing. I know it's a bad habit, but anyone who knows me, knows I cuss like a sailor!
And so the text message battle ensued...

Me: I can't believe you're not even going to hear me out and you're just gonna cut me off like that. CLEARLY I'm upset and I wanna clear this up. How can you sit here and make this about you??
Me: I just had the heartbreak of my life, then I find out from TODD that you were talking to Jayme about me. I thought I knew where your loyalties were, and I didn't think they were with Jayme.
Me: And it hurts my feelings even more that you could be so quick to end a friendship.

Melissa: I cannot believe you have the nerve to talk to me like that after I've always been there for you when Bethany and Summer and whoever else hasn't. U can be mad & act ridiculous I'm not worried about it. I have my own problems including my relationship with Tim, taking care of my sick granny & mom plus school. If you had talked to me things would have been different. I'm not playing these dramatic games with you, just leave me alone.

Me: Talk to you like what? Like I'm upset?? I'm not playing games. I can't believe you would hang up on me! That's immature and ridiculous. It would be much easier to TALK but if you're not worried about it then fine. You just wanna kick me when I'm down, not explain ANYTHING to me, not listen to what I have to say, just >click<. That's real nice.
Me: You were the last person I expected to hurt me like this. I don't know why you would reach out to Jayme instead of talk to me, and I can't believe that you could be so flippant and cold, and without giving it a second thought, end our friendship. Soooo fucked up.

Melissa: Undermine you, cuss at me and feel the need to talk to me like I'm beneath you. No, that's not ok & I'm not going to listen when I know nothing I say will change ur mind. I know u better than u think. I've always been loyal. I've always looked out for you. I've always been a good friend. I cannot believe u would react like this bc I talked to Jayme on the phone. Peyton, u are exaggerating & don't use words that I can't understand to make me feel stupid...

I didn't respond anymore after that. By this time, I was in my bed, sobbing, and just ready to go to sleep. But let me tell you what I think.
First, did I use any big words in that conversation that any of you couldn't understand??? Because I wasn't trying to patronize her.
Second, if she has so many of her own problems, and she's not "worried" about me, then why would she even expel the effort to call Jayme? It wasn't her concern!! And I think I have every right to be upset, because she obviously didn't want me to find out that she talked to Jayme. She obviously told Jayme not to tell me they talked, because Jayme made Todd promise he wouldn't tell me! And I'm sorry, but I will take Todd's word over anyone's, any day.

I was really upset and hurt and disappointed after that so-called conversation with Melissa. I mean how much rejection can any one person handle in a day?? But now I just feel...resolved. I mean I'm not going to kiss her ass or try to convince her to be my friend. I'm just sick and fucking tired of trying to make everyone happy. This conflict with Melissa never should have happened! Because none of this had anything to do with her!! And she's the one being dramatic, by telling me she's ending our friendship and then hanging up on me! What are we in high school again??
I know, I'm not without my problems, and drama seems to follow me wherever I go, but try to avoid being the cause of any of it. And try to stay away from people who are the cause. People like Jayme, and I hate to admit it, Melissa! She is like the most dramatic person I know!

So I've decided I'm just gonna lay low for a while. I have a couple of things already on the books for the next couple weeks but I'm pretty much not going to talk to anyone who isn't a relative, I'm not going to log into Facebook for like 2 weeks, and I'm just gonna stay home and be alone. I just don't feel like being around anyone. I feel so emotionally drained and exhausted, and beaten down. I just feel like...shit. Nothing ever seems to happen the way I want it to. I can't just be happy. It's just not in the cards for me.


B said...

Petyon, that really sux that Todd doesn't feel the same, but at least you know now and can move forward w/your friendship still intact...I can see why Melissa would be upset (a bit)about the cussing, it is a bit rude and can be taken offensive when you are trying to have a "talk" with someone...but for her to hang up on you and throw away a friendship, well that just screams guilty conscience...as for the "big words", wow....I had to go back an re-read your text to see what she was talking about, couldn't figure out what word she wouldn't understand..hmm....and it seems like you are better off staying away from the drama, just don't close yourself off from everyone to the point of depression...good luck!

Elisa said...

It seems like Todd doesn't like desperate girls, sorry. And you wonder why you're only drawn to jerks? Maybe it's because that's the kind of person you yourself are or have become. I mean, you accused Melissa without even asking her what happened first. I'd say blindly believing Todd and taking everything he says to be some absolute truth is in itself immature. Geting defensive after being sworn at like that, in my opinion, is not. Maybe she DOESN'T want your drama. Maybe she knows that Todd will never like you and told Jayme to just go for it. Plus, if I were Jayme, and knew that's what you thought of me, I wouldn't even bother coming to you. You're not a teenager anymore, maybe you should consider where your life is going. Maybe don't worry about boys so much right now, but focus on your career. Sure, hard to do, but it might do you some good. Good luck in the future.

Autumn said...

I know you think that drama follows you but you really do create it. I mean look at the way you handled the whole situation with Todd. Instead of just having an adult conversation with him about Jayme, you freaked out, refused to answer his call, and then sent him on over the top email. And instead of just telling Jayme "Yes, I have some unresolved feelings with Todd but I would never want to tell him who to date" you made a huge fuss about it. ((Without even knowing the facts)) And then look at how you handled Melissa. Instead of just saying "Hey I want to talk to you about something that's bothering me and I hope we can clear it up", you started swearing at her from the beginning in a really dramatic fashion. ((Without really knowing the facts)) Of course she isn't going to respond well to that. And for you to say this is the biggest "heartbreak of your life"... Come on, no one is going to take that seriously. You guys weren't even dating. It's not like you aren't friends anymore either. And what about your ex-fiance, or Branden, or your mom's cancer? Also I have seen a pattern with all the conversations you post with your girl friends. It seems like all of them think that you only care about your own drama, and you don't really stop to think about theirs. Yet you get mad when people aren't there for you? Listen, what Melissa did is definitely shady, and she was a being dramatic as well, but you set the stage for her. I also believe that blindly believing everything Todd says just because he is "Todd" is also immature. I agree with Elisa, don't worry so much about this silly boy drama, especially if it's a guy you aren't even dating. You are a great person with so much to offer, focus on yourself while you are young and single. There will be plenty of time to worry about other people. Now is the time to worry about you. Good luck! Have fun the next couple weeks taking it easy! I'm glad you and Todd are still friends and I am sure you will work it out with Melissa.

Jennifer said...

I liked the Rodeo story...I've always enjoyed reading the stories your post...whether fiction or not :)

Also...I don't know what to say about all the other stuff...I think you handled them how you saw fit, and everything always gets better eventually...even if it might take some time.

Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

My god... you are avoiding these girls because they are so full of drama? are you joking? YOU are the source of drama... I really honestly believe that you need therapy. You have to be the most self obsessed and self centered person I have ever seen. Good grief!!

Anonymous said...


I find it over the top when you get so mad at people who are anon. We are people too. If you don't like comments etc why put in a question mark in your statements? That leaves the door wide open for comments.

Anon's are people too and YOU allow anon comments. If YOU don't like them, them get rid of that category.

But being as I am a loyal reader and I am an ANON, maybe should all ANON readers should leave your blog. We all care for your happiness.

Wish you well and happiness, I really do! And YES, I will sign my name to this.


Anonymous said...

dear lord people, way to kick the girl when she's down. peyton you are not a drama mama any more than the next girl. obv, you are there for your friends and loyal to them. why would she post stuff about that? this is her blog not theirs. i know you've had issues with Alyssa and not Melissa but I'm sure you've been there for them and they have done the same for you at times. i think just at the end of the day they really aren't the best friends for you. sucks but at least you know and can move on..


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better Peyton. Sometimes we just all need a break from everything, I totally understand.