Thursday, October 4, 2007

What I Get For Settling

Well I never called John. I mean, I texted him once, and he never responded, so I'm just gonna wait till I see him in person and figure out where to go from there. Although we ARE myspace friends now. We'll see what happens.
I've been working so much lately, it's insane! But I'm not complaining cuz I just got my student loan payment plan in the mail, and with this trip to NY coming up, I need all the cash I can get!
Tomorrow Melissa and I are going to the zoo! I'm soooo excited! I've been taking this photography class with my mom for the past couple weeks, and we have an assignment to photograph wildlife. So what better place to do that than the zoo!? I mean, I have several photos of my horse, but I love the zoo and this is a great excuse to go.
And after the zoo, it's party time!!! That bartender I met a few weeks ago at the DJ AM show wants me to go to his bar tomorrow night. We've been chatting occasionally via text and myspace. His name is Steven. So, I'm gonna try to convince Melissa and the gang to head out some place different for a change. I mean, we're gonna have fun no matter where we go!
On Monday night I went to Happy Hour with Cecilia. She rarely gets to go out now that she has Presley, and her husband Rob is in Italy on business. Crazy, I know! But we had a good time catching up. She went home around 11:30 though, and I was all dressed to go out! So when Billy called and invited me to meet up with him, I couldn't resist.
I met him, and some of his friends at a patio bar in the Village. Bethany's boyfriend, Tug, works with Billy at the bar next door. And since Bethany and I work together, I actually knew a couple people. As soon as I got there, they were about to head over to another bar. So Billy rode with me to our next destination since he had left his car at a friends house.
Everything was going swimmingly at first. We'd had a few shots, and Bethany and I were talking (about work of course), when I noticed Billy was MIA. So I went inside to find him, and he was totally chatting it up with some blond. I don't know why I was jealous, since I'm not even really into him, but I pretended not to notice, and Bethany and I went to order another round.
Then I turn around and Billy is arguing with some dorky looking fat guy! I don't know what they were arguing about, but I walked over to see what the deal was. I tried to get Billy to leave him alone, I kept saying, "Hey let's go get a drink" or "Hey let's go outside. Everyone is sitting outside". But he wasn't having any of it. And by this time, it was already after last call, and people were leaving. So what do they do but take their "conversation" outside. I asked Tug what was going on, but he didn't know either, and neither of us could pull him away from this strange guy. I knew Billy was pretty wasted, I mean, he'd been drinking since about 7! And I also knew he was in a bad mood about something, he just wouldn't tell me what.
So finally, I was ready to go, and he rode with me, so I gently grabbed his hand and said, "Hey. Come on it's time to go. I'm ready to leave."
Well he PUSHED me off him! And I was a little buzzed myself, so I got really mad. Not that I shouldn't have been mad, I mean, there was no reason for him to push me like that.

"OOOOOH FUCK THAT!" I said as I walked off.

"What happened?" Bethany asked.

"He pushed me. I'm leaving his ass here. You guys still wanna go eat?"

So Bethany, Tug and I all went to IHOP for some breakfast.
When we got there, Tug told me to call Billy and see where he was. Well he answered the phone and said, "I have to call you back" and hung up on me!
Well he finally called back like 20 minutes later.
Billy: Well I was lucky to get out of there alive.
Me: What are you talking about?
Billy: Didn't you see the crew I was with?
Me: Umm...noooo I left after you pushed me.
Billy: Uh...I don't remember that, but ok. I guess I'll just talk to you tomorrow or something then bye.
And he hung up on me again!!
I didn't try calling him back right away cuz I really wanted to yell at him, just not in front of Bethany and Tug. So I waited till I was driving home.
He pressed the ignore button on me the first 2 times, and then finally he answered.
First he gave me crap about punishing him for other guys' actions. I tried to tell him I don't handle being pushed around very well. And he knows why. Then he had the audacity to say, "Oh what, it's not like I beat you or something!"
I was literally speechless. Then he said something about I don't act like most couples do at this point. I stopped him there and told him we've never had any conversations about our status, or even our feelings for that matter!! I mean, obviously he's more into me than I thought, which isn't good. But I don't know what could possibly lead him to believe we were anything more than just...I dunno...hanging out!?
At this point in our conversation, someone in the room with him started talking to him, and he was yelling at them to shut up, and then the phone cut out. He didn't call back.
I didn't hear from him at all Tuesday, and I was still pissed about everything that had happened.
Then today, when I was getting ready for work, he called.
Me: Oh. So you're alive.
Billy: Yea...I was so hungover yesterday, I didn't wanna talk on the phone to anybody.
Me: Uh huh. So what do you remember about the other night?
Billy: Uh...not much. The last thing I remember is taking shots at the bar.
Me: So you don't remember arguing with that guy, or pushing me, or hanging up on me 3 times??
Billy: .....no....
Me: Well how convenient.
Billy: What do you mean? I'd rather remember. I'm sorry if I did that. Are you mad at me?
Me: YES I'M MAD AT YOU! Well, actually I'm more mad that you can't remember what you did. Because you can't be sorry for something you don't remember doing. And you were being a total asshole so you should be sorry!
He apologized again, and explained that he'd gotten into a fight with a long-term ex-gf earlier that day. He didn't remember anything about our conversation on my drive home. So I didn't bring it up.
But I DID tell him he was more dramatic than most girls.

Mitch Of The Day:
"Imagine if you were a drummer, and you accidentally picked up two magic wands instead of sticks. There you are, keeping the beat, the next thing you know, your bass player turns into a can of soup."


Anonymous said...

Whose John again?

randi said...

isnt John the "new" guy at work? the one who wanted to hang out after poker or something? :D Love the blog girl, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Billy is a loser. Good lord. Time to let this drama crap go Payton.


Anonymous said...

I mean PEYTON. haha sorry


the goddess said...

yup. time to let the loser go. obviously, if a guy could still get affected when he fought with his ex-gf, it's time for him to hit the road. but then again, you don't have a relationship to begin with, right? so just don't "hang out" with him anymore. that'll save you a lot of trouble and headache. plus if a guy could actually be that belligerent when he's freakin' drunk, i'd stay as far away from him if i were you. granted he was drunk and pissed, but that still doesn't excuse his sorry ass attitude. i'd kick his ass though as an added bonus. hehe! well, since you'll be off to new york, you'll have a better of chance of finding the guy you could actually get serious with... or a creep. hehe! either way, just be careful always. can't wait for your new yorkscapades. :) hehe!