Monday, October 29, 2007


I didn't end up leaving Houston until late Tuesday afternoon, but I got to Austin around 8pm. Shane and I decided to meet up at a shopping center so we could look for something to wear to the party. Shane had her new puppy in tow! He's a chihuahua mix, SO adorable! His name is Chulo. Anyways, I ended up finding a cute, simple black skirt to show off my new black leather boots.

After shopping, Shane needed to stop at the grocery store for some dog food, so I offered to wait in the car with Chulo to speed things up a bit. We were kind of in a hurry to get home and start getting ready! So as I was sitting in the car waiting, smoke starts coming out of my hood! I jumped out and popped the hood because my car was obviously overheating. There was green coolant leaking out everywhere! A random guy came over and asked if I was ok, and took a peak under the hood. He said it was my radiator, and that I wouldn't be able to drive it without blowing the engine. Great. Just my luck huh??

So when Shane came out of the store, I explained what happened and we packed all my stuff into her car and headed back to her place. Luckily she lives just down the street from the HEB we were at. I was gonna have to have my car towed over to a shop the next morning, and get my shift covered at work just in case I didn't make it back on time.

But we tried not to let that put a damper on our fabulous evening! So we got dressed in a hurry, and Izzie came and picked us up, and we were on our way!

When we got to Pure, the bar where the party was at, there was a huge white H2 limo in front, and tons of paparazzi! We totally felt like celebrities, skipping to the front of the line and walking right in. It was awesome! Izzie and Shane had made friends with the manager and one of the door guys last week, which was super convenient! It wasn't that crowded when we walked in, but Pure has 3 floors so we decided to make our way up. The friendly door guy escorted us up to the 3rd floor, where the VIP area was. It was totally packed up there! And there they were, right in front of us! Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson, the rest of the guys from Fall Out Boy, and the guys from Gymn Class Heroes! They were all sitting in a booth, talking and laughing just like normal people. The booth area was roped off though, and there were tons of camera people crowded around, and girls I could only assume were groupies.

Well Door Guy got us in past that rope too! I felt like we were walking into a photograph in People Magazine! Pete and Ashlee looked just as I'd pictured them: he in his black hoodie with the hood up, she with her fedora cap and grease ball hair that looked like it hadn't been washed in 8 days, and both of them in their Converse. We thought about asking for autographs, but decided against it because we didn't wanna be rude, or annoying, or like all the other girls we were surrounded by. So we just mingled and had some drinks, and soaked up the limelight being reflected off the stars!

There was also a camera guy from some late-night show there, and we were totally on TV for like 10 seconds! Haha. Pete and Ashlee skipped out early, of course, and around 1 am we decided we were ready to hit the rest of 6th street. Against my better judgment, I texted Josh to see if he was working. He replied yes, and told us to come over for some free shots. So we did! And once again, all he asked for payment was a kiss, which I happily gave him! Even though he was kind of a jerk last time, he's still a cutie. We stayed at his bar until close, and then headed home for some much needed rest! All in all, Tuesday was a great night!

Wednesday morning, however, came much too soon. My alarm went off at 8 so I could start calling autoshops. I called work and let them know what was going on, and they got my shift covered for me. After calling several shops, I finally found one that said they could probably finish in a day, so Shane and I drove up to HEB to hide my keys for the towing people. Then we went back to Shane's and slept for most of the day. My car was done around 5, but the traffic was so horrible that I didn't make it back to Shane's till 8! So, what's another night in Austin, huh!?

It was pretty crowded out on 6th for a Wednesday too. Izzie didn't join us this time, so it was just me and Shane. We walked around 6th for a while and then decided to head down to 5th and Congress, where the swankier bars are. Josh and a few of his guy friends ended up meeting us around midnight. And it was really weird, because he was totally acting like my boyfriend the whole night! He kept putting his arm around me, or touching the small of my back when we walked, and I never realized how into PDA he is!! I had to actually tell him at one point that I wasn't comfortable making out in front of Shane and thousands of strangers. Mostly I felt like it was rude to Shane, since she wasn't with anyone. But she was off flirting with other boys most of the time, so there was no harm, no foul.

When the bar closed, the boys were walking Shane and I to our car, when some random drunk guy walked up to our group and just started talking shit to us for no reason. I could feel the testosterone levels increasing so I told the guy to do himself a favor and just keep walking. But of course, he wouldn't listen, and the next thing we knew, Josh and his friends were literally chasing this guy down the street! ((sigh)) Boys...

Shane and I quickly turned and walked in the opposite direction because we didn't wanna be at the scene if the cops showed up. So we drove back around and picked them up. Josh was sporting some bloody knuckles, and he seemed a little too proud of himself. ((rolls eyes))

We decided to hang out with them at one of the guys' apartment afterwards. They told us they had food, which was a lie!! So we didn't stay too long. I said goodbye to Josh and the other guys, and we headed out.

On the way home, I practically begged Shane to come to NY with Evan and I. I just really, really want a girl to shop with, and flirt with boys with and stuff. And Shane is single and we have so much fun together! She said she is really tempted, and she'll try and save some cash, but it's all up in the air. I hope she comes though! It would be so much fun!

The drive home was long and monotonous, but I was in for a couple of surprises when I got home...

Mitch Of The Day:

"That would be cool if the earth's crust was made out of graham cracker. It would disappear just like the ozone layer, but for completely different reasons."


Anonymous said...

ahh what were the surprises waiting for you when u got home? >>>very effective suspense-building thing you did there...

jehara said...

i agree. can't wait to find out what the surprises were.