Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Well...one of my old friends, Andrew, from high school was at Rich's the other night when Jenna and I went. Annnnnd he also happens to be pretty good friends with Dereck, the really hot bartender that I was crushing on.
So Andrew and I got in touch on myspace and I asked him for the skinny on Dereck. And apparently, he's not the best candidate for me.
Andrew's exact words?

"If you're looking for fun, Dereck is your boy. If you're looking for a relationship, DERECK IS NOT your boy"

Apparently he has commitment issues and he tends to string girls along.
Boo. He was SO cute too.

Oh well. At least I didn't waste any time on him. And now I can put my efforts towards John, because at least I know he's a good guy. All day I wanted to text him, but I don't wanna seem desperate. OR pretentious. Because it's not like we're dating, or talking, or anything. We just have a mutual interest. So I dunno. I wanna wait for him to make the next move, but I'm just not sure I'm patient enough.

In other news, I bought the most beautiful black trench coat online for our trip to NYC! I'm so excited! It'll be here in 3 days!
It's also nice that I'm basically working full-time now, because I don't have to worry about not having enough money to buy stuff for NY, and pay my bills. The only downside to that is, I'm soooo tired all the time! And I haven't gone to the gym in 4 days! I mean, I did go 3 times last week, but I need to go 4 times a week! And since I'm working 5 days a week, by the time I get a day off, I just have so much stuff to cram into that day, but all I really wanna do is rest! I'm gonna have to come up with a game plan here. My sleep schedule is just so completely the opposite of the world. Ugh...
Speaking of which, I guess I should go to bed!

Mitch Of The Day:
"Magicians disappear all the time, but as soon as a regular person does it, everyone is all scared. "Tom's gone!" "Is he a magician?" "No." "Then let's print up some fliers!'"


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im a new reader and i looooove your blog. please post again soon! :)