Monday, October 1, 2007


Omg Saturday night was so much fun! After work, a bunch of us stayed to play poker again. I didn't get home till 10 am Sunday!! It was me, Mr. S (owner/GM), Misty (bartender and Mr. S's girlfriend), Blinn (owner/manager and The Albanian's cousin), Gavin, Dustin (sort of new door guy), John (door guy who stayed at The Albanian's the night we made out), Nick (bartender who always spreads rumours), Johnny (acoustic guitarist on weekends), and Ali (bartender). Like all those descriptions?? Hehe.
We closed the bar down pretty quickly, surprisingly. And since I've been sick lately, I wasn't gonna drink. I usually have 1 pint of cider while we're counting money. But when we left the back bar, Nick and the door guys were setting up the poker table. So I gave in and poured myself a beer.
I bought in, and stayed in for most of the night, which was awesome, but I eventually lost to Blinn. We even took shots last night! And that's saying something, because we usually stick to the strict beer only policy after hours. But Mr. S and Gavin were shooting whisky, and then Misty and Ali wanted shots, and it all just kind of showballed from there!
And John was flirting with me the entire night! Running his fingers through my hair, and telling me I smelled good...lol. It was quite strange! I mean...he knows about me and The Albanian. I guess he doesn't care? I have noticed that he seems to have taken an interest in me lately. The other day he asked me what I like to do for fun, and what I do on my nights off. He's a really sweet guy though. I like John!
So when we finally went out to the parking lot to leave, he asked, "So what are you doing today?"
"Going home and sleeping till work probably!" I said as I got in my car.

"Well, do you wanna go see a movie, or go out to dinner or something?"

"Well...I have to work at 7, so I doubt I'll have time! I'm only getting like 5 hours of sleep as it is. But...why don't you give me your number, and I'll call you if I wake up?"

So he did. Granted, he was pretty drunk...at least I think he was. It's kinda hard to tell with him. I obviously didn't call him today though. I mean I literally woke up, went to feed my horse and got ready for work. But I'm thinking about calling him tomorrow. I mean, he's really nice, and cute! I always say he looks just like the Prince Charming in Shrek II. SERIOUSLY. Long blonde hair and all. But he's not a metrosexual or anything! Haha. He used to be in the marines. So maybe I will go out with him. We'll see...

I am SO excited about going to New York!! I convinced Sophie to go; I'm gonna buy her a plane ticket, since Evan is buying mine. It's gonna be a blast!!! I invited Melissa and Rikki, she's always been a globe trotter. So hopefully some more people will come, but you know how people are. Nobody ever wants to commit!! Either way, it will still be fun.

I have so much stuff to do tomorrow! I haven't been to the bank in weeks and I've been walking around with like a thousand dollars cash in my wallet! I also need to go get a new drivers license because I lost mine on me and Billy's first date. At least I can take a new picture. My old one was terrible!
I've also started a new work out regime. I'm gonna force myself to eat more healthy and work out at least 4 days a week because when I get to NY, I have to look fab! Especially if I'm gonna be seeing The Model. But, knowing him, and the luck I usually have when it comes to him, I'll be right down the street from his place and we still won't see each other. ((sigh)) I know I shouldn't get my hopes up regarding him like...ever, but it's New York. And the first thing that always comes to mind when I imagine New York is HIM. And I just wish things between The Model and I could go back to normal. Well...I definitely wish more than that, but you know what I mean!
Oh dear, it's 5:25 in the morning! I started this post as soon as I got home from work today, so I should probably get to sleep...what with all the crap I have to do tomorrow. Err...today.

Mitch Of The Day:
"I like cottage cheese. That's why I want to try other dwelling cheeses, too. How about studio apartment cheese? Tent cheese? Mobile home cheese? Do not eat mobile home cheese in a tornado."


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog and I know you get defensive about comments...I hope you don't about this one. I think maybe you should NOT hook up with anyone else you work with. These guys may get the wrong impression of watching you get passed around.

Anonymous said...

I agree with not hooking up with anymore coworkers... it does seem a little like they have you pegged as a party girl and a pretty easy good time... you don't want that rep girl. It's a total double standard that guys can do whom they want whenever they want..and we can't.. but unfortunately that's the world we live in. Chill a little girl, stop fooling around with the guys at work, and just have fun creating a life for yourself that isn't surrounded by man drama.