Friday, July 13, 2007

Model Citizens

So I found out the other night that The Model was coming into town again!!! The Model and I met in high school, before he was a model obviously. For me, it was love at first sight. Seriously. I've been obsessing over this guy since I was 16. Then he got discovered, and now he lives in NY and travels the world doing photoshoots and commercials cuz he's the hottest guy on the effing planet!!!
Naturally, I flipped out when he told me he was coming, because I had off work last night and reallllllly wanted to hang out with him. So Thursday morningish, I'm chatting on the phone about The Model with my good friend May, and he calls!!

May: You're crazy Peyton!
Me: I know...I wanna marry him and have a thousand of his babies!
May: ((laughs)) Omg, you're obsessed.
Me: Why shoudn't I be?? I have yet to find something wrong with him and he's only like, the single hottest guy in the universe!! OMG...HE'S CALLING ME!
May: Ok bye!

((clicks over))

Me: Hello?
The Model: Hey!! You got any plans tonight?
Me: No....
The Model: Cool well we're going out to dinner at Maggiano's and you're gonna be my date. So just be ready around 6:30 and show up as your usual hot self. Reservations are at 7:15.
Me: ((trying to compose myself)) Ok!

There was a little more to that conversation, but it's not important. The point is, for the first time ever, he actually asked me out ON A DATE! ((swoon)) I mean we have been known to ya know...in the past when he comes home. But it's never been like...a DATE! It always just sorta happened. And being that he lives in NY, I never bothered to try and pursue anything with him, because I just don't see how it could work out. And I love him to death, he is the goofiest guy ever, and we have so much fun! So, maybe this sounds slutty of me, but hey, when it comes to The Model, I'll take what I can get! Hahaha.

So the date was a double, with his cousin Mitchell and his date Melissa. It just so happens that Melissa and I went to high school together. Small world, I know. So we ate Italian, had a couple cocktails, goofed off. I had a blast! Then we went to visit May at her new job. She just started bartending right down the street from my bar! It was a pretty cool place. We hung out, had more drinks, joked around, got a little tipsy... And there were several sexual inuendos throughout the night. I was starting to wonder if we'd EVER make it back to his place!
But don't worry, we did!

And it was


((sigh)) I can't even begin to describe the hotness! He has the body of a Greek god, only golden tan, and slightly scruffy... Now I can't stop thinking about him, which is probably a good thing, since it prevents me from thinking about Vette Guy, whom I still have not heard from. Maybe he's in jail...?
But I gotta work tonight, unfortunately. I get off at 9, but who knows where The Model will be by then, and I don't wanna seem too desperate calling him since we just hung out last night. But his trips to Houston are always too short!! And I just wanna see him as much as possible before he flies back to NY.
Well once again, at least I had a good time last night, with the hottest guy ever!

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Dang... now I wanna know which "model" this is... :)