Tuesday, July 31, 2007

All The World Needs Is Another Asshole...

Well...let's see...where to begin?
Last night was...I guess you could say fun. While I was getting ready to go out, I swear I almost had an anxiety attack thinking about The Model, and what was gonna happen. So I whipped out my good ole' pain killers from when I got my teeth pulled and popped half a vicoprofin. Then I made myself a vodka water, and then I left! By the time I got to The Model's house, I was feeling really happy, and looking forward to the night.
The first bad sign was when he suggested we take 2 cars. Umm...ok??
So Mitchell rode with me, and The Model and Mitchell's brother took The Model's Benz. Somehow, my cousin Jenna managed to get into the party before we'd even gotten there, which turned out to be a really good thing. The Model was acting like a complete douche bag the entire time. First I noticed he wasn't being his usual happy-go-lucky self. He seemed like he was kinda in a bad mood. When we first got there, Gavin, who was working the door, gave me a hug and said, "What's up man?" to The Model, and he goes, "How does that guy know me?? He freakin should cuz I dropped like $1100 in here Saturday night..."
THEN, to my horror, he proceeded to repeatedly talk about this chick's ass and how nice it was.
But even though all this was going on, the alcohol was flowing, and I was feelin' good, taking shots, and drinking mojitos. Before long, I was totally trashed! And not just your normal trashed, cuz I can usually handle my liquor. But because I took that pain killer, I was pretty crazy.
So I'm goofin' off, having a good time, not paying too much attention to The Model. Then, I can't remember WHY, I just grabbed him, kinda like that stupid blonde did the other night, and went to kiss him. Not a sexy kiss, or a make out kiss, not even a flirty kiss! Just a friendly, drunken peck on the lips. And he TURNED AWAY.
Again...wtf. Way to make me look like an idiot.
So Jenna and I made a break for the bathroom where she totally flipped out on me about what an asshole The Model was being. And I couldn't help but agree. So I stopped talking to him after that, and went outside to chat with Gavin.
He didn't seem too happy to be working. Poor guy.
Then I went back inside to tip the bartenders, since the alcohol was FREE, and in my drunken stupor, I motion for The Albanian to come hither, grab HIM and plant one on him! Which wouldn't have been so bad, except that after that I knocked over a drink that was sitting on the bar and broke the glass.
And it gets worse.
AFTER I did that, I twisted my ankle in my supercute high heels. I mean like seriously sprained my ankle. I think I tore a ligament or something! And Frank (one of my coworkers) had to CARRY me outside! He's such a sweetheart for doing that, but I know I'm never gonna hear the end of it! ((sigh)) Woe is me.
So The Model and his cousins had been talking about going back to The Model's house to watch Nacho Libre, which I've never seen. So I called him, from the parking lot, to ask what the plan was. And The Model actually had the audacity to tell me he didn't think it was a good idea that I come because I had "different intentions" than he did.
WTF #3.
I was so mad, I quickly got off the phone with him and sent him a text that said, "Ok i'm sorry you think i'm like...in love with you or something...i just wanted to wach a movie with you guys. That's all. And i'm drunk and think you're a cool guy. The end."
His response: Then I'm sorry about the misunderstanding.
My response: whatever...

Haven't heard from him since.
And he and his cousins literally ditched me afterwards! And I was clearly in no shape to drive. So Jenna took me home with her, and we passed out there. She drove me back to my car this morning. I so love Jenna. I dunno what I'd do without her! She makes me laugh at the shittiness that is my life. ((sigh))
I'm seriously done with The Model. I thought if we weren't anything else, at least we were friends, but apparently, I was wrong. So fuck him.
I'm done with assholes! I'm done with douche bags! And I'm done with models!!!

Mitch Of The Day:
"I have an underwater camera, just in case I crash my car into a river, and at the last minute I see a photo opportunity of a fish that I have never seen."


Anonymous said...

hey props to you for being determined to have fun! seriously, i'm glad you're moving passed the model. he's such a waste of emotional confusion that he doesn't deserve. Obviously, his 'model' status is getting to him. and if he doesn't want you to go watch an innocent little movie with him, i'm glad you're through with him! all you have to do is stand your ground and not be tempted by his selfish facade. he'll realize what a great girl he had a chance with, but by then it'll be too late! good luck!

Elizabeth said...

Obviously, we have all gotten trashed in our lives and done stupid things in front of boys... and the fact is, being as that you aren't a couple, he probably didn't want to deal with how drunk you were and you getting sloppy (no offense, it's happened to all of us)... but in the end, he is definitely a douchebag and you are better off without him. But really, painkillers to soothe your anxiety? Maybe not a great idea if you're going to be drinking all night... just sayin'

Anonymous said...

The more i read, the more i think I would not like you too much in real life.

the goddess said...

ahh... the demise of all women. too much to drink. hehe! been there done that. but thank god, i wasn't that stupid to start a ruckus. (no offense... hehe) but thankfully, you learned something that day. what you've been feeling for "The Model" was just an illusion. sure, it seemed real to you at that time, but you learn to see on what's reality or not. that sucks but you deal with it.

i'm vouching for you gurl! keep up that kick-ass spirit! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL......good to hear you had fun....be careful taking meds when you are drinking....and forget the Model....heck girl he is obviously an A$$! I really like this blog......

Anonymous said...

WOW, can you guys layoff her, sheesh. you're all saying how you've all been there with too much drinking, but then your being critical. she was just having a little fun, and i say more power to you.

Anonymous said...

i feel you okay because I have been in your position too , I love your blog I rush to work to get my fix everymoring so I agree fuck the ppl on here is they dont like it read something else no one is forcing you

Keep it up gurl luv your blog dont stop for real