Tuesday, July 24, 2007

De Ja Vu?

Work last night was alright I suppose. Although it could have been much better. I went in at 7, and around 9 a realllllly hot guy comes and sits down at the bar by himself. As soon as he opened a tab I looked to see what his name was: Coy. Interesting name huh? It took me a while to pluck up the guts to strike up a conversation with him, other than, "What can I get for ya?"
But after a little bit, his buddy showed up, so I talked to both of them for a while. I just couldn't stop admiring his chiseled good looks!
Then a group of dumb girls came and sat next to them...ugh. And his friend started talking to them. And then his friend introduced Coy to them, and then I had to give up, because the 2 of them were so engrossed in their flirting. It was rather disgusting. When I got off, I stayed and had a beer. Coy and his friend were still there. Still flirting.
By this time, I had forgotten all the free drinks I'd given them, because I'd been planning on giving him my phone number. So when they went to leave, Coy came over and gave me a hug, said thanks, and asked me when I was working next. I told him Thursday and Friday, and he said he'd be there.
I'm not holding my breath.

As I was driving home, I realized why I was so angry about the whole situation. I mean, besides the fact that I missed out on hitting it off with a total hottie.
He looks a lot like a guy a dated, right before/after I graduated college. Austin and I met at a local bar in the town where I went to college; he'd already graduated from there. We totally hit it off, it was like a whirlwind romance! Only problem was, he lived 3 hours away. But he came down to visit me, went to my graduation party, and I drove up to visit him, and we always had a blast.
Until one day, he had invited me to his cousins wedding. Brought me there where I don't know anybody, ignored me, and unabashedly flirted with some slut right in front of me the whole time!
Needless to say it was over after that, and I never really figured out why. He just gave me some b.s. excuse about us being in 2 different places and wanting different things. Classic. But I was totally heartbroken over it, because I had just started to really fall for him, ya know?
So anyways, back to Coy.
He and Austin just have wayyyy too many strinking similarities! Very classic, masculine good looks, strong jawline, gorgeous eyes, defined arms and chest...niiiice... ((Stop it! Stop it!!))
So I dunno...
Girls: DO we always go for the same guys? Without even realizing?? Or was that just a one time thing. I saw something in Coy that I had loved about Austin. And the fact that Austin and I never really had closure, and the way things ended...?
I dunno. I'm sooo confused! ((Sigh))

Well Melissa and I are going to Nordstrom's again tomorrow! I just can't get enough of that sale! And Jenna's working so it should be fun. And it's nice to have a new friend to hang out with. It's very refreshing!

Mitch Of The Day
"A severed foot is the ultimate stocking stuffer."


-A said...

Love the blog so far...and I think we sometimes to keep going for the same type....at least i seem to always. But maybe this time I might have broken my cycle and found a good one

the goddess... hehe said...

ah well... you never know that maybe it's just a one-time thing. then again, that's why i force myself to move on and never look back, and i couldn't be more happier now. just take it slow... in time, who knows? maybe the one who's meant for you is just out there... lost as well... hay...

Anonymous said...

Keep it up , Love the Blog

Anonymous said...

I think that we naturally fall for the same types of guys, I was divorced a few years ago, and when I hopped back into the dating pool I dated guy after guy that was just like my ex-husband. And I even passed up a really great guy becasue I thought that he wasn't my type. We went out on one really great date and I wasn't sure what we had in common so we didn't go out again. A couple of months later, I was tired of seeing the same "guy" with so many different "shells", so I called the other guy. We went out on an amazing and romantic date. And we have been inseperable since! It has been almost two years- we are now living together and talking about getting married. So it really pays to try new "types" of guys- because who knows? You might not even know what your real type is. . .

-A said...

I posted some pictures after your comment, hope you enjoy them!!

DDgirl said...

Good blog girl, keep it up!

Oh, and of course you're no slut, you're single so why shouldn't you have some fun???

Anonymous said...

hey.. I think when it comes to being attracted to guys, we do have types, but thats not to say that one cant stray from that path. But because you've only met Coy at a bar, and didn't really talk to him THAT much, you cant be sure hes like Austin. I think we like the same types when it come to physical features, but really, what 2 guys are the same, everybody has their own personality? before you get all worried, he might not even know you are attracted to him. Guys are pretty dense

Chrissy said...

I love this blog!! I found it through Bedroom Blog. I am so glad someone suggested this one!....I also think that we all the same type. I went for the same type for years and then finally I changed my mind and went for the good guy and now we're married! We've been married for two 1/2 months now! Also, once you stop looking, they usually come to you when you least expect it!!! Keep up the good posts!!