Monday, July 9, 2007

First Blog Ever!

So I'm starting this blog in secret kinda...that is, I'm not telling anyone I know about it. I just like to vent and need to do it anonymously sometimes.

A little bit about me...well my name is Peyton, I recently graduated from college and I'm a bartender in a big city. I'm also single, and pretty much hopeless when it comes to dating.
What is it with guys anyway??
G's...they kill me.
The last guy I met seemed perfect...too perfect. Maybe it's because of his amazing job, the fact that he models on the side, or because he drives a brand new Corvette??
I dunno...but for the sake of his privacy, I'll call him Vette Guy. We met, we liked, we hung out. But no dates. I was actually kind of on a dating hiatus at the time...but he was just too hott to pass up! I guess I shouldn't have been so quick to settle for last minute hang outs with him. At least I didn't sleep with him. Two weeks go by and I get the "we want different things" text message.
((sigh)) So I got upset, got mad, got drunk, got over it.
And that was that.
Just when I was starting to forget about him, he sends me this email telling me he's taking me to a wine tasting and picking me up at 6.
I tried to make him sweat it a little, and said I had to check my schedule, but I guess I'm just a sucker.
I don't regret going though! It was an amazing date! We ended up buying and drinking a bottle of wine at the tasting, then he made reservations at a super nice, high rise restaurant, where we went through 2 bottles of champagne! It was awesome...
However, the happy drunk that I was couldn't resist those deep blue eyes, or those rock hard abs, and lets just say I ended up spending the night.
I haven't heard from him since either.
So apparently he wants to play The Game. Which is fine... I've never been very good at The Game; I always get attached too quickly. But I'm determined now!! It's been 3 days and I have made NO attempts to contact him.
Hey, even if I never hear from him again, at least I got an amazing date, right??
And there's always that really cute Albanian guy at work...


Anonymous said...

wow just got introduced to this blog and i have to say....Fabulous!..im already starting to like it and its only the first post!
rock hard abs, blue eyes and models?!?!? girl, where do u live? lol i dont blame u for wanting that! lol ...

Vikki said...

OMG!! I just read your first post and I'm SOOOOOO excited to get caught up!!