Saturday, July 14, 2007

(Not So) Freaky Friday

Well, yesterday was definitely...interesting.
I got off work around 9. The Model and his crew showed up for drinks, and that was cool, but it was as if last night had never happened. I know I'm not supposed to expect anything, but when Mitchell and Melissa are hanging all over each other by their second date, I can't help but get a little jealous. ((sigh))
It's so hard to not get your feelings invested when there's history (and sex) involved.

In other news, I finally heard back from Vette Guy. Which, I might add, couldn't have come at a more opportune time!

His message:

"Hey you. Thanks for the call, I just got your message today. I’m doing ok, just… well you know.

Anyways, I’m keeping it pretty low key for a while, me and Maddi (<-- his dog) are going to be even better friends! Lol. Let me know if you ever want to sit around and do little to nothing, cause I’m your guy!!! Hope everything is going stellar for you…"

I wrote him back a short, sweet, flirty message, telling him anytime he wants some company, to give me a shout. Although with his phone not working, I really don't know how he's gonna do that. So...once again, we'll see. And I'll probably be waiting expectantly for his next message, as usual.

You know, they shouldn't call it The Dating Game, they should call it The WAITING Game. Cause that's all it ever is really. And I'm starting to lose my patience!!

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