Friday, July 27, 2007

If there's drama in your life, it's because you're dramatic.

Ok, so a lot of exciting things are about to happen!! Haha...for me anyways.
While I was at work last night, Melissa texted me to tell me The Model is flying in for Mitchell's going away party thing Saturday night. So I'm REALLLLLLLY excited! I was giddy for the rest of my shift last night. Today I got new shoes and a top for our night of partying. The Model doesn't know that I know he's coming though, and I plan on keeping it that way! You know, so I can act surprised! Haha.
Also, I actually got to work behind the bar with The Albanian last night too. And we were in the small bar, so it was just the two of us. I don't think he has a clue that I'm slightly interested. Because I know he's single, and looking for someone. I'm just not sure if I wanna move forward with it or not yet... Because once I do, there's no turning back, ya know? And since it's work, everyone will know, yada yada... Plus I still have a little crush on Gavin, and he works there too. That's all I need is a work/love triangle. Ugh.
Speaking of drama, Mitchell and Melissa. OH. MY. GOD! They are so ridiculous... They're both crazy about each other, but neither one will set their pride aside and admit it. So they just keep playing these stupid games. I HATE games. And I mean, I know Mitchell is moving and all, and Melissa doesn't want to invest too much, and neither does he, but still! So Melissa's pissed off at Mitchell for something or another, and now she's not coming to the shindig on Saturday. Which TOTALLY sucks for me, because I realllly need a girlfriend for this! I don't wanna be that girl, standing around, waiting for The Model to pay attention to her! I wanna have someone there to goof off with, so that when random sluts start hitting on The Model in front of me, I'll have someone else to distract me. ((sigh))

In other news, Tommy Bahama Rum is throwing a huge party at my work on Monday, with free booze. And I get to go!! They basically rented the whole place out, and any employees who aren't working get to go. I was thinking about taking The Model, you know if he's still here, and assuming everything goes well this weekend... But if not, I'm definitely gonna ask Melissa. Cuz it's gonna be a total blast! And The Albanian is working...hehe.
I'm working tonight at 10 again. Hopefully it'll be better money than last night, seeing as how I spent all mine shopping. Lol. I really need to get myself on a budget. I'm so bad with money...ugh.
May has now tried calling me twice. Once yesterday, and once today. I didn't answer, and she hasn't left any messages. Hopefully she gets the hint. I'm sure we'll work this out eventually, I just really wanna get the point across to her that I have other friends besides her, and I'm disinclined to continue bothering with someone who ditches me, repeatedly, without a second thought.
As for Emma, I talked to her on the phone yesterday. I finally called her back. We chatted about nonsubstantial things for a bit, and then of course she asked if I was going to the shower. She wanted to ride together and go in on a gift together. I told her I'd already bought something. I just...don't really wanna be associated with her anymore. At least not when it comes to that group of girls. Because we all consider her undependable and fickle. And kind of self-centered. Well, I shouldn't say self-centered, it's just that she has this certain disreguard for how her actions affect other people. So I dunno... Emma is kind of like family, and I will always love her ya know? So I'm stuck with her. But, my mom gave me some good advice on that front (believe it or not!). I'm just gonna put my foot down. I'm not going to let her tag along with me and my friends, because she pouts. And I'm not going to tag along with her and her boyfriend, because they make me feel like I shouldn't be there. So that's that.
Anyways, I can't wait for this weekend!! It's gonna be a blast. I'm DETERMINED to have a good time. And hey, if things start to get shitty tomorrow night, I'll just drink more!

Mitch Of The Day: (I can't believe I forgot this last post!)
"...and then at the end of the letter I like to write 'P.S. - This is what part of the alphabet would look like if Q and R were eliminated.'"


Anonymous said...

hahaha loved that mitch quote

and i'm so totally with ya on putting your foot down!!!

Anonymous said...

yup... yup... hurrah for the new developments... hope the weekend would be a blast for you. i'm lookin' forward to your next blog. :)

veronique said...

hope the week end is as great as it sounds! anyway, free booze will always be great no matter what :) Just be sure to have lots of gatorade in your fridge for that morning after!

Anonymous said...

hehehe... i know exactly what you mean. booze the whole night... bad hangover and a really dry, icky-smelling mouth in the morning. yeck! :)