Friday, January 15, 2016

Mission Accomplished

Well I finally talked to my roommate last night about that gross guy. I called her into my room cuz I was dying of boredom, and I just said, very casually, “Soooo what’s the deal with you and that guy that was over here on Monday?”

She said, “I don’t remember anything that happened after talking to you in the kitchen that night. I lost like 12 hours. I just woke up the next morning and I had bruises and stuff all over me. I don’t know if he slipped me something, or if I took something willingly…I just don’t remember anything.“

And I was like, "So you don't remember sleeping with him?"

And she said no, she just woke up and there he was in bed with her. She also said she went to the doctor the next morning to get checked for STD’s and get the morning after pill, which is smart. I can tell she feels embarrassed/guilty about it. And she asked me to please not mention it to her boyfriend. I told her I wouldn’t. I’m just glad there’s not an elephant in the room with us anymore. I asked her if she ever planned to talk to that guy again and she gave me a very firm NO. So that’s good. And no harm done between us.

Anyway, I’m in between assignments right now so I had a little free time, but after work I’m meeting a Tinder guy, (just as friends!) and we’re gonna go to a Harry Potter theme night at this bar. Lol. I’m really looking forward to it! Lane texted me earlier, just about nothing, some music he’s been listening to. I didn’t respond. I just can’t with him right now. Every time I get in bed at night, and close my eyes I see his face and wish that when I opened my eyes, he would be there. And when I can’t sleep (which is often these days), it’s all I can do to NOT text him. We always used to text late at night. ((Sigh))
Going out and doing things is helping though. I don’t wanna spend another year living like a hermit. Wish me luck!

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Nic said...

Oh my g....Shouldn't she file a police report? If he's slipped her something who says he isn't going to do it to another girl?